Please Remember Who You Are

At The Back Door by Robert Duncan

One of my mother’s “famous sayings” when I was growing up, [used with increasing frequency and urgency the older my siblings and I became], was  Please Remember Who You Are!” Without fail, as we were running out the door to play with friends, or to have a “sleep over”, attend a party or go to Prom, Mother’s voice could be heard calling after us;  “Please Remember Who You Are!

As time went by, it became an inside joke to see who could ‘beat Mom to it’ by yelling out preemptively “Don’t worry Mother, I’ll remember!” as we shut the door behind us giggling. Sure enough, now that I am a mother myself, those 5 little words have become one of my own Mommy Mantras. I’ve come to understand that it’s the ultimate “Mother’s Code Phrase“. There’s so much stuffed inside of those 5 little words! When a mother says “Please Remember Who You Are” what she is really saying is:

“My Darling Child, Please remember how much I yearned to conceive you and how long it took, and then how excited I was when the little plastic home-pregnancy strip actually showed TWO lines! Please remember how I suffered carrying you in my womb for 9 long months while you grew and developed and stretched me to new limits! Including, but not limited to, all of the vomiting, heartburn, back-aches, and other illness and painful symptoms, mingled with so much fear,  joy, anticipation and patience. Please Remember what it required both physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally to bring you slowly and surely into existence! Please remember the day I went into labor with you and how frightening and painful it was for me, and how Dad was driving as fast as he could but we didn’t think we would make it to the hospital in time…and then we did! And, remember how exhausted and emotional and exhilarated I was the moment you finally came bursting out into the world and placed into my arms for the very first time! That amazing life-altering moment when I embraced the Miracle Of YOU!

Heaven Sent by Greg Olsen

Please remember the long nights I held you in my arms as I walked with you up and down the hallway to ease your colic pain, or as you cried with a fever, or as you woke with a nightmare….and the relief of finally being able to rock and kiss you back into sleep. Please Remember the long endless days that I fed you and washed you and cared for each of your many physical and emotional needs. Remember how I whispered “I love you” into your ears each morning as you woke up, and each night as you drifted to sleep, and all of the in-between times. Remember  how I taught you about how special you are, and that you were sent to earth for a wise and glorious purpose! Please remember that you lived in heaven before you lived on this earth, where your Heavenly Father cared for you, and taught you many things. He loved you enough to send you to an Earth where you would gain a body for your spirit, and be able to learn even more important things. He did all of this as part of a divine Plan, and He entrusted you to me! Please remember how much an honor that it is to me to be your mother, and what a great responsibility that it is. Please remember that wrapped inside of you are not only all of my hopes and dreams and love and prayers, but also His – your Father in Heaven’s – hopes, dreams, love and prayers to succeed! Remember, You are a Child of God! Remember, You are Royalty! You have boundless potential and a divine destiny! As I watch you walk out of my arms, and away from my sight into the wide dangerous world, my heart aches for you. I realize that I cannot be with you protecting you and watching over you every minute for the rest of your life here on Earth. I know that it is required that I let you go and grow, and sometimes you will have to suffer pain and heartbreak, too. So, I am swallowing down my panic and fear right now, and saying a prayer of faith that God will be with you on the next part of your journey, and although I want to say all of these things to you and so much more, I can only manage these five little-words-but-oh-so-large message as you walk out that door. . .  “Please, Remember Who You Are“!


  1. When I was in college I had a room mate who missed her mom calling out, “remember who you are!” So we started telling it to each other as we left the dorm. It brought such a good spirit and we always burst out laughing when we said it. 🙂


  2. Holly,
    When I became old enough to start dating, my father, not my mom, but father would always walk to the door with me and my date and he would say the phrase,
    “remember who you are and who you belong to”. My dates would always ask, “What did your father mean?” I would just smile and say, that is a pledge between my father and I to know and understand. He’s gone now, but the words often ring in my ears….especially when our grandchildren leave our home.

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