What Is The Book of Mormon About?

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In light of a sacrilegious Broadway musical disrespecting/ usurping/ plagiarizing/ mocking/ stealing/ “permanently borrowing” the same name as sacred scripture, I’d like to offer a few facts and personal thoughts about The Book of Mormon, and what it’s really all about. I’ve provided many links and references that you may find of interest.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I often hear people referring to my “Mormon Bible”, or simply “those different scriptures you use”.

For reference and clarification, here is:

My Top Ten List of What The Book of Mormon IS, and what it IS NOT.

1. The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ [its proper full name] IS  holy scripture, written by prophets of God living from 600 B.C. to 400 A.D..

2. The Book of Mormon IS NOT a replacement of the The Holy Bible.

3. The Book of Mormon IS a companion, and second witness to The Bible, teaching God’s Commandments, and testifying of the divinity of Jesus Christ, as recorded by separate prophets, on opposite sides of the earth.

Gold Plates Replica

4. The Book of Mormon IS named after a person called – you guessed it – Mormon, who was a Nephite prophet, military leader and historian living from 311 – 385 A.D. During his lifetime, he abridged centuries worth of history, stories and prophesies into one text, carefully engraved on thin sheets of metal called “gold plates“.

5. The Book of Mormon IS the account of a large civilization beginning with a family who left Jerusalem in 600 A.D. and eventually migrated to the ancient American continent. It follows their journey, struggles, triumphs, wars, faith, and fulfillment of prophesy that Jesus Christ would Redeem the world, and would visit them personally.

Christ In America by Joseph Brickey

6. The Book of Mormon IS currently fully translated into 83 languages, and selections have been translated into an additional 25 languages, surpassing 150 Million copies in early 2011, since its first publication in 1830.

7. The Book of Mormon IS named one of the 20 Books That Changed America, which “launched the country’s biggest homegrown religion. . . [and] one of the world’s most vibrant religions.” (Book Magazine)

8. The Book of Mormon IS a modern miracle of translation and publication.

9. The Book of Mormon IS definitely worth taking time to read, ponder, and experience personally.

10.  The Book of Mormon IS offered FREE to anyone desiring a copy.

This new video offers an excellent overview of the Book of Mormon – narrated by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.


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