Brighton LDS Girls Camp 90th Year: Already Memorable

1921-2011 Celebrating 90 Years

This summer marks the 90th Anniversary of the Brighton LDS Girls Camp, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, east of Salt Lake City, Utah. Brighton Camp began in the summer of 1921,  and has the distinction of being the first and oldest continually running Latter-day Saint Girls camp in church history. It has welcomed girls ages 12-14 uninterrupted each and every summer since its dedication, [except one, due to a forest fire which destroyed most of the original buildings].  This summer also marks two more memorable “firsts” for Brighton.

#1. My own daughter “Salsa” will be working as a camp counselor for the full 10 week season.

#2. Due to record-breaking winter weather in Utah this year, Brighton campers are in for an unusual “winter wonderland” camp experience…well, at least for the first 3 or 4 weeks. . . and after that, it could potentially become like the Dirty Dash mud-run for awhile!

The "Trailhead" to camp

Up until just a few weeks ago, Brighton camp was unreachable due to dozens of feet of snow. The directors were able to push back the start date by one week, but had to scramble to make all of the necessary adjustments for rescheduling campers, a mammoth task, I am sure.

Sunday June 19th was “move in day” for all camp councelors to begin a “pre-camp” week. Mr. MoSop and I, along with little sister “Rabbit” drove Salsa up the canyon to help her move in. We were in for a big surprise when we saw anywhere from five to ten feet of snow remaining at the trailhead and beyond! In fact, the access road to the camp was completely snowed in. So, anyone wanting to reach Brighton Camp was definitely going to have to “hoof it” up the snowy mountain carrying their belongings in their arms [or, pulling in a little red sled that you fortuituously put in your trunk at the last minute.]

I took a bunch of photos of our adventure to share [see slide show below]. I have to admit, it was a pretty intense physical workout getting up the hill [**advice to all campers…don’t pack anything heavy, trust me on this…and be sure to bring shoes with good traction….as well as a solid sense of humor!**]

Worth The Climb

The reward at the top of the hill is definitely worth the climb. Not only is there a beautiful view and fresh pine-scented air to enjoy, this secluded mountain retreat offers a tangible spirit of peace and love – something that’s been forged for nine decades by literally thousands of young women and leaders –  and it can be felt the moment you arrive! I was sorry I had to leave this joyful place much too soon and head back down the mountain. However, I am excited for Salsa and her friend “Pine” and all of the other darling counselors, leaders and young campers who will be experiencing Brighton LDS Girls Camp first-hand this summer. No matter what the weather brings, I am confident they are going to have the most fabulous experience. They will have the opportunity to build lasting friendships, make priceless memories, celebrate God’s creations, discover their divine worth, and nurture their personal testimony of Jesus Christ. That is the gift and legacy of Brighton Camp. – MoSop

Enjoy the photos, and be sure to check out the Celebration Event details listed below!

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Attend the Brighton LDS Camp’s 90th Year CELEBRATION!

“Our Mountain Home So Dear”

Saturday, July 30, 2011  Open House: 11:00 am – 8:00 PM, with Special Program at 6:00 PM

Sunday, July 31, 2011 Open House 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Bring your family & friends and come enjoy birthday cake, sing camp songs and share in the history! For more information check out the website, or join the Facebook Group “Brighton LDS Girls Camp 90th Celebration“!


    1. Hello PV,
      Thank you for your comment. Let me clarify any confusion:

      1. You are correct, the LDS Church just commemorated 100 years of the summer Girls Camp program.
      2. The LDS Girls Camp program should not be confused with the “Brighton LDS Girls Camp” which was specifically built and dedicated in 1921 (as the article here explains).
      3. This blog post was written and published in 2011, (one year ago) during the 90th Birthday celebration of Brighton Camp.

      Best wishes! MoSop


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