Decorating For Conference

Fall in Salt Lake City is definitely my favorite season of the year. I love the crispness in the air and watching the mountains become a beautiful living canvas of red and gold, growing bolder and more vibrant each day. For me, Fall is a season of romance and love. My husband and I met in October, and got engaged in October two years later. Fall is also a season of spiritual renewal, bringing the October semi-annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – something I never miss! With the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, and the crowning glory of Christmas following close behind, who couldn’t love this very special time of the year?

I have been personally preparing myself physically, spiritually and musically for the upcoming General Conference. I’ve enjoyed reading some of my fellow bloggers unique and fun traditions, such as: playing games, making special treats, creating a crafty Conference Journal or activity packets, pitching a tent, and preparing something for the children. I took time to review President Uchtdorf’s masterful message about preparing for Conference. I wrote down my list of personal questions and concerns and I will be listening for God’s personal answers during Conference. I also enjoyed going “behind the scenes” with a General Conference Photographer (very cool)!

photo courtesy

As I walked through Temple Square last night, I breathed in the fresh evening air and admired the autumnal flowers and brilliant fall colors accenting the landscape everywhere I looked. I was overcome with the realization that our Heavenly Father is also doing “great and marvelous” preparation of His own – even decorating! We are so blessed to not only hear God’s voice this weekend through His chosen prophet and apostles, but also to enjoy His beautiful handiwork which enables our hearts to more fully receive His word, and our souls to feel the sunshine of His love! ~ MoSop

(You Can Watch General Conference Streaming Live Online HERE.)



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