Temple Announcement Fulfills A Dream

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The first two sessions of the 181st Semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints have just concluded, and they were wonderful as usual!  Here’s a brief recap of today’s Temple Announcements, including President Monson’s dramatic entrance. 🙂

1. Even a prophet can be late to a meeting

President Monson was missing at the start of the meeting, which had many speculating what might be wrong. He arrived during the singing of the intermediate hymn giving a little wave, and smiling. It is customary for the prophet to begin the conference with opening remarks, but he was worked into the program immediately after he arrived. According to an official statement he was “delayed en route”, which could mean any number of things. But, in the end, what’s important is that he is fit as a fiddle, and he arrived! (Which is actually comforting to those of us who occasionally struggle to get to our church meetings in a timely manner) He also showed typical good humor about it when he got to the pulpit and shouted an enthusiastic “HELLO!” and then joked about how he was wondering who he should call on to speak in his place. 🙂

2. My husband’s dream finally comes true!

City of Lights will Receive LDS Temple

During the announcement of many new temples to be built, the rumors of a Paris France Temple was finally put to rest and officially announced over the pulpit. Mr. MoSop served his mission in northern France 27 years ago and he has long dreamed for this announcement which immediately prompted a brainstorming session of how we could start saving now to make the trek to see it once it is complete!

Provo Tabernacle Will Rise From The Ashes

The other temples announced today included a great surprise that the former Provo Tabernacle which was destroyed in a fire last December will rise from the ashes and become a Second Provo Temple!

Africa will get its 4th and 5th Temples: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Durban, South Africa.

Barranquilla, Colombia becomes the 2nd temple in that country, and last but not least, Star Valley, Wyoming, which President Monson stated he would have to dedicate because “there’s good fishing there!”

The dreams and prayers of thousands of faithful Latter-day saints were answered today. What a blessed and marvelous time it is to be alive. The work of the Lord is rolling forth, and as President Dieter F. Uchtdorf reminded

You may be nothing compared to the greatness of the universe, but always remember that you are everything to God.

God is truly aware of each of us, and He is pouring out His blessings each and every day as the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church spread to every corner of the earth.

President Monson invited us to donate to the Temple Patron Fund, which helps those who cannot afford to attend a temple have the privledge to travel there, and receive those marvelous blessings.  [Online donations can easily be made at the LDS Philanthropies website]. – MoSop


Watch President Monson’s entire opening address, with temple announcements:

This post was updated Oct. 3, 2011


  1. I came across your blog today while looking for other Mormon blogs. It’s pretty cool. You’ve done a great job with your blog and your rundown on the Prophet’s talk was very entertaining.


  2. I thought it was odd that President Monson spoke in the middle of the session instead of the beginning; I didn’t realize until now that he wasn’t even there. I thought maybe they waited so that all the “technical difficulties” could be worked out. (It’s not unusual for us to miss the beginning of a session.) My husband’s promised me a trip to Paris someday. Maybe we’ll wait for the temple to be there first!


    1. Becky – thanks for your comment.
      It is likely that the Paris temple will take several years to actually be finalized and built, so that gives us all time to save! – MoSop


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