The Irresistible Piano Guys

For the past year I have been thoroughly entranced by the talents of a stunning group of videographers & musicians taking YouTube by storm. They call themselves The Piano Guys; featuring musical artists Jon Schmidt (Piano) and Steven Sharp Nelson (Cello) and filmed by video artists Paul Anderson,Tel Stewart, Al van der Beek, and Shaye Scott, with a recent premiere of Shaye’s wife, Amanda Scott (Vocalist).

These guys are daring enough to take expensive instruments outdoors on location to remote Utah locations like Snow Canyon, the Great Salt Lake Flats, The Thanksgiving Point garden, and a Southern Utah Desert. Just to name a few. They incorporate some killer time lapse photography, and if you haven’t seen the editing masterpiece of Steven’s 8 Cello Solo be sure to watch it here!

Jon Schmidt piano antics

I’ve personally attended several LIVE concerts over the years featuring Jon Schmidt. In the Mountain West, Jon is nothing short of a superstar. He is one of the most passionate and entertaining pianists I have ever known (regularly doing backflips off the stage, and even playing upside down). He also has a heart of gold, and donates much of his time sharing his talents with youth groups, entertaining care center residents and raising funds for charities. Jon and all of his creative “Piano Guy” team have remained a few of Utah’s “best kept secrets”, until now. Thanks to YouTube, they are becoming a global sensation.

The Piano Guys on location

The Piano Guys are not only good at what they do, they make people feel good. Did I mention, all of these awesome people are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Yep!  Mormon musicians tend to be very irresistible folks. So, I encourage you to check out their stunningly beautiful videos, and consider subscribing to their YouTube Channel so you don’t miss their weekly releases. (and in case you were wondering…no, this wasn’t a paid advertisement, and they didn’t ask me to write this post…I’m just another addicted fan).  – MoSop


      1. @H.B., They really are amazing. As great as the videos are, I have to agree with you that the in-person concerts are even better. That’s great you also play the piano and cello!


  1. I have been a dedicated police officer for 25 years…a job I’ve paid a price for emotionally and spirutually. Your music takes me away to this wonderful, spiritual, peaceful place, that helps me heal. Thank you so much for what you do. God bless


  2. piano guys if you get to see this message that would be amazing. i am obviously mormon and i love you guys. jon schmidt you totally have inspired me to love piano even more than i do now. i showed my mom all of me and she said it was too hard but i had to learn it. i downloaded it onto my kindle ive found it impossable to leave the piano since i got it i love playing it and i wish i could meet you so bad.


  3. I absolutely love the piano guys! I’m a teenage Mormon girl from Nauvoo, IL. If the piano guys came here to perform, I’m sure they would be well received by members and nonmembers alike, seeing as how a lot of my friends adore them almost as much as I do! Please consider my offer! They could even stay at my house if they needed to!


  4. I use their videos occasionally in my Elementary music classes. My students have become big fans. They provide a perfect way to share classical/pop mixes or just their covers of pop songs. They especially love “Cello Wars”, the new “Rockelbel’s Canon” and the new “You don’t know you’re beautiful” with the creative piano. I love that they are getting national recognition–being on the Today Show and now a record deal with Sony. =D Life is good with the Piano Guys! Thanks guys!


  5. I am recently widowed since Jan 2015. Fell in a deep depression. I had actually given up on life. Imagine we were together for 32 years. Then, thank God dont how it happend one day on YouTube I saw the piano guys. Their music really changed me and today I learn we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. My heavenly father is saying something. Thank You piano guys God bless.


    1. Elvis, I am so sorry for your loss. 😥 I can only imagine how much pain you are going through each day. It is touching to hear how the music of the Piano Guys has helped comfort and heal your soul during this time of tragedy. Yes, I do believe that our Heavenly Father speaks to us through music, and one of the reasons I believe the Piano Guys music has such power is their membership in the church. Hang in there!


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