Carol Of The Bells and Cellos

Confession time. There are a few Christmas songs I don’t particularly care for. Take Carol of The Bells, for instance, which usually scrapes along the edge of my nerves like a dull razor. The song is merciless for any singer with articulation problems, or any listener who prefers their music to stay on pitch. And, don’t even get me started with all of the painful High School Choir concert renditions I’ve been forced to sit through…”ding, dong, dinng, doonnnnng”…But, I digress. Enter cellist extraordinaire Steven Sharp Nelson and the magic elves with The irresistible Piano Guys (all classically trained Mormon musicians). They have just redeemed this poor carol from its drudgery status and demonstrated to the world how truly brilliant it can be! I’m sharing their festive new video to help you “throw cares away”, or, at least pause and put your feet up for a couple of minutes during your frantic last-minute holiday rush and enjoy the joyful spirit of the season!

And, if you are still looking for a unique gift idea, you might want to check out the “founders” program over at the Piano Guys official website. Pretty cool.


      1. Not required in Sunny Queensland where snow is seldom seen; {fact of the matter is that Christmas falls in the middle of Summer here and I’ve only ever seen pictures of snow, not the real stuff!


      2. Rob, I’m honored to have a visitor all the way from Queensland! But, you’ve seriously never seen snow up close and personal? Wow! Put that one on your “Bucket List” my friend, and plan a vacation to Utah. Meanwhile, have a lovely sunshiney Christmas!


  1. Sorry, but I disagree with you on this one. I have albums by Schmidt and Nelson, which are among my all time favorites. However, this one loses the spirit of the song. I hear centuries old Europe, crisp air, and church bells in Carol of the Bells–none of which are communicated in this arrangement. The magic is lost in the strident frenzy. Yes, the song can be monotonous and easily spoiled by poor quality performances, but this one was not true to the text.


  2. No, I’m sorry but I feel I must correct you on this latest point; The Good Lord, as far as I can establish, did NOT create either ship or aeroplane – He may have helped show the way but both of these vehicles were man made. Even the Ark was man made [Noah] however on His guidance/instructions!
    I’ll still stay on terra firma and keep my feet dry as I also have a medical condion to consider..


    1. I acquiesce. Please feel free to sit back, put your (dry) feet up, relax and enjoy the music. I’ll send snowy thoughts your way while you sip your Christmas lemonade, (or whatever it is people in sunny places at Christmastime drink). Meanwhile, it’s about 14 F (9 degrees Celcius) here, so I’m headed to bed with woolen socks on my feet, and my two electric blankets plugged in. Cheers!


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