Silent Night Gets A Fresh Take

Jake Justice and Amy Whitcomb recording Silent Night - used with permission

Jake Justice and Amy Whitcomb may be young, but they are already making a name for themselves in the competitive music industry. The two talented Mormon artists recently collaborated on a new recording of “Silent Night” which I am pleased to share with you today.

Jake Justice - used with permission

Jake Justice was raised in Los Angeles, where his single mother owned a performing arts school.  He explains that “while most kids went home from school and played outside with their friends, I had no choice but to stay all day at the performing arts school.  [So] after I was finished with my homework, I would lock myself in a piano practice room and play for hours on end.” One can imagine all of that isolation probably wasn’t always “fun” for Jake, but his years of diligent practicing definitely paid off! After serving a full-time Mormon mission to Warsaw Poland, Jake was accepted to the Media Music program at Brigham Young University where he is currently writing music for school-produced videos and commercials. He also works as a recording engineer at Studio Y (an on-campus recording studio). Justice’s ultimate goal is to compose music for film, and to play piano and keyboard for major performing artists. After watching his YouTube videos and listening to several clips of his film compositions, I am impressed with his talent and confident in his ability to reach his dream. Jake’s enthusiasm and musicality, as well as the many talented student musicians collaborating with him, renews my faith that the future of quality music is in good hands.

Amy Whitcomb - used with permission

Amy Whitcomb is originally from Orlando, Florida. She graduated from BYU’s Media Music program in April 2011, and went on to launch her career as a singer. Her alternative rock band, The Whits, opened for Brad Paisley at Stadium of Fire. Amy received national recognition as one of the lead singers in the female a’cappella group, “Delilah” competing this season on NBC’s “The Sing-Off“. The group made it into the top 5 before being eliminated. 

A few weeks ago Jake heard that his friend Amy would be back in Provo for a week to record with her band, so he asked if she would be interested in recording his new arrangement of Silent Night. Jake shared with me a little about their experience, and what makes this recording so meaningful to them.

“I believe that everything fell into place so effortlessly because of how much this project meant to us. The music and lyrics of Silent Night obviously have great meaning.  Amy and I were very passionate about conveying the true spirit of Christmas to other people…[and that] was the driving force behind our performance.  We hope that those who listen will feel the same spirit that we felt when we wrote, practiced, and recorded the song.  The whole experience of recording a song about the Savior’s birth was another testimony to me that God can speak to the hearts of his children through beautiful music.”

More videos can be seen at Jake Justice Piano / YouTube 

To follow these young musicians, you can “like” the Facebook pages of Jake Justice and Amy Whitcomb.


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