You’re Invited! Please Come

In 10 days The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hold its Semi-Annual General Conference, and YOU are invited! The conference is FREE, and it’s open and available to all the world. You can attend in the following ways:

1.In Person – in Salt Lake City, Utah  – tickets are free but required for entrance to the Conference Center. They can be obtained at the North Visitor’s Center on Temple Square. Overflow areas are available throughout Temple Square without the need of tickets. There will be many ushers, missionaries and volunteers on Temple Square available to assist and guide you.

2. By Internet Streaming – Streaming will become available on the official General Conference Website, beginning March 31 for two sessions: 10:00 am MST and 2:00 PM MST. And on Sunday April 1 for two sessions: 10:00 am MST and 2:00 PM MST. Rebroadcasting will also be available online.

3. By Television or Radio – check for availability in your area.

4. Via Twitter@LDSGenCon

5. Mobile Applications – Read past and current General Conference through these official LDS Aps

6. Online Interactive Magazine – Check out the new Interactive Ensign announcement.



I Hope You Won’t Miss This Amazing Experience! – MoSop



  1. General Conference is my favorite time of the year! I know that as we listen to these words we are listening to a prophet of God! I love our prophet! I am excited to hear him speak to us again!


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