Earth Day Surprise Sunset

Happy Earth Day! It’s been a beautiful day in northern Utah. According to my cell phone “weather ap” it got up to a sunny 87 degree Fahrenheit today. Wow! Last week we were experiencing rainy 40 degree days. Welcome to Utah in Spring!

Today, God decided to end Earth Day with a special surprise! My apologies for the low quality photos. I only took my cell phone on my walk with Joe Dog, but I was so happy to be able to capture a little bit of the magic. What a beautiful Earth we get to live in!

Thank you, Heavenly Father. – MoSop

7:22 PM – The sun begins to set over the Great Salt Lake. View from the Bountiful Ridge Golf course
8:00 PM – The clouds break, and things get golden
8:08 PM – The angels are definitely throwing a party!
8:15 PM – It just gets better and better!
8:24 PM – No Photoshop needed for a Heavenly Fireworks show!


Here’s a beautiful song – perfect for the occasion.


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