These Guys Know How To Rock A Wedding

Admit it. You’ve been there. Crammed into a narrow church bench, trying to make small talk with the man identified only as “former room-mate of the groom” who is currently regaling you with tales you could have happily gone your entire life never hearing. You discreetly check your watch, and then sneak a peek up the aisle for any sign of taffeta or lace. You attempt once more to summon the bride with your mind-power. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of the wedding planner discreetly giving “the cue” to the musicians. The moment of truth has arrived! You hold your breath and hastily offer a silent fervent prayer

NOT Pachelbel’s Canon! Not the Canon! Please! Anything else! I swear, I really can’t take anoth…!” 

But, before you can finish your heavenly plea, you know it’s too late. Those achingly all-too-familiar and agonizingly incessant descending scales have already begun. You attempt to stifle the groan welling up in your throat…

My admiration went up a notch this week when cello-god Steven Sharp Nelson demonstrated compassion for my number one nuptial-nightmare. In fact, he and The Piano Guys had a little fun roasting the wedding song we all “love to hate”, with panache!

Rockelbel’s Canon“!


For more musical video awesomeness check out the official YouTube Page.


  1. I watched this last night and laughed so hard!! I’ve played Canon at many a wedding myself. Just remember to play those 8 notes 28 times plus one more D and you can zone out and watch everything else that’s happening. I actually started it in the wrong key once and ran out of notes down there at the bottom and had to start over. Good times!


  2. I just wonder what it would be like to see yourself doubled, tripled or quadrupled–it could be weird. For Steven it must be really cool to be cloned and having so much fun….
    I would like to clone myself sometimes.
    Thanks for all the great music and videos….


    1. Deb – yeah, really wierd I bet! There is another video on their site where Steve is actually cloned 9 times in 9 locations! Isn’t technology getting mind-blowing?


      1. P.S. My parents recently went to a Piano Guys benefit concert and they incorporated all of their videos on large screens with the performances going on LIVE on stage. It sounded very cool, and resolved the issue of all the many tracks they use to pull off a song. The LIVE Steven & Jon simply played one of the tracks at a time, and the others were added in. I hope to attend one of their concerts in the future and check that out!


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