The Mission Call Revealed

Daughter A. is now officially “Sister A”!

And, I will be adding “Missionary Mom” to my growing list of titles. In my last post, we were Waiting To Open The Call! However, the long-awaited, highly anticipated envelope was finally opened and all was revealed on Saturday morning, Dec. 15th. Enjoy the video!


We couldn’t be more proud of our sweet Sister A.! This mission assignment came as a surprise. I’d guessed Arizona [or New Mexico]. Mr. Mo and her grandparents guessed California and the East Coast. Her sister guessed Canada. And, there were lots of other fun and random guesses from the Aunts/Uncles/Cousins…everything from France and Poland, to Fiji, New York, Antarctica, and even “Middle Earth“.


12.15.12Openingmissioncall1In the end, we all were surprised!

I know that this mission was chosen by inspiration especially for my daughter. There is no doubt in my mind it is going to be the perfect spot in the Lord’s vineyard for her to serve over the next 18+ months of her life. Mr. MoSop and I have both served full-time missions ourselves (he went to France and I to Wisconsin). So, we know that there are going to be some difficult days ahead; challenges, struggles, fears and tears. But, every day will also hold hope, laughter, joy, and tremendous personal growth. Serving a mission is like childbirth. There are things one can only know & learn & feel who are willing to go through the painful labor process. So it is in full-time missionary service for the Lord. There are unique temporal and spiritual experiences, and special knowledge which can be gained in no other way.

12.15.12Countless people are going to be infinitely blessed by this sweet young woman! She’s been extra special from the moment of her birth 22 years ago this month. She’s our gentle soul. The peacemaker, the friend, the compassionate listener, and an exceptionally strong lady of character. Beloved by all. Her new mission Presidency, leaders, companions, church members, and all of the good people in this area of the world are going to be tremendously blessed to have known, worked, and served with this stalwart woman of faith.

I now can begin preparing things physically and logistically for her departure. But, I also must find a way to teach my heart how to let her go!

I have 8 short weeks. And, already my heart has a dull ache growing. – MoSop


  1. Having lived in Nashville for 25+ years, before it became a stake and then 2 stakes and then a temple in Franklin, you will love it. The people are gracious and welcoming. My husband was in the Mission Presidency so I received the blessings of getting to know many people in the area. You are going to enjoy every minute of your mission, Sister “A”. I will pray for you during your mission that you will touch the hearts and minds of those you will be led to teach. You have been called to a beautiful part of the country by our Heavenly Father. I’m so happy for you and your family. Many blessings await you.


    1. Wanda, your comment is very appreciated! We loved having you share a little “behind the scenes” with us about the area that is becoming close to our hearts by the minute. 🙂 I have friends that live in Knoxville who used to live in Cookeville. The first time I visited them in Tennessee I fell completely in love with the land and the people. I’ve been lucky to get two more visits since then. However, this will be my daughter’s first experience. Thank you for your kind words and your prayers – MoSop


  2. Tennessee is a special place in my heart. (St Jude’s is in Memohis, a place my family spent a lot of time four years ago). While 400 miles from Knoxville, Memphis has always been one of my favorite places!

    What an exciting time for you and your daughter!


    1. Thank you Kit! It is a very exciting time. I’m thrilled she has chosen to serve the Lord as a full-time missionary. And she’s been blessed to be assigned Tennessee. It’s an extra-special place.


  3. I watched and even though I don’t know your daughter, I still got emotional. Reminded me of the moment I opened mine over 10 years ago. Interesting to me how in the song it said my hearts in Tennessee. Though you may not be there part of your heart will be in Tennessee with your daughter. Conratulations. What an exciting time for your family!


  4. And now, after already having sent you a direct message, I realize you are Sister Abel’s mom! I will say it again, we LOVE Sister Abel already! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending your sweet girl to us here in Tennessee.


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