The Lasts Shall Be First

This has been a busy and eventful week for the MoSop family! Here is Part I of my “Missionary Update” blog posts:

MONDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2013 –  Journal Entry

We only have about 42 hours before daughter A enters the Missionary Training Center in preparation for her full-time missionary service and we won’t see her again for 18 months….but, who’s counting, right?

Yesterday was her “mission farewell” Sunday. She gave a beautiful talk at church about Faith and the importance of putting our Faith into Action. She concluded her remarks with her sweet testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, and how thrilled she is to be able to be one of His servants as a full-time missionary in Tennessee. It was a good day. We enjoyed seeing and spending time with many close family and friends.

Yesterday we also began “the lasts“.
The “last” family dinner.
The “last” family scripture time.
The “last” family prayer.
The “last” family hug [ that one especially made me cry!]

Daughter A: “It’s not like I’m dying, Mom!”

Me: “I know! But it’s a really really really long time to have to wait until our next Family Hug!”

2013_MoSopFamily1We feel so blessed to be such a close family. We truly love hanging out with each other and joking around and just being together. I know that no matter what happens in life, or how long our family may be separated, we have a bond that can’t be broken.

But, parting is sweet sorrow.

My girls have always been best friends! Ever since they were little, they would play together happily for hours on end, and rarely ever had an argument. Today is the “last” time these sisters will get to be together for a long time. Daughter A drove Daughter B back up to collage in Logan (about 1.5 hours away) where they will spend the day having their “last” lunch together and “last” shopping trip, and eventually their “last big hug”…


I’m trying to be a good, brave Missionary Mom. I’m reminding myself how amazingly cool and joyful and happy things will be in “just” 18 months when we get to start all “the firsts“!

Perhaps a bit out of context, but this scripture came to my mind with new meaning 🙂

“And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.” – Luke 13:30


In related mission news, we are thrilled to report that President and Sister McKee of the Tennessee Nashville Mission had exciting news this past weekend! Sister Ranae McKee, who we have been praying for since she was hospitalized in critical condition since Thanksgiving, made miraculous strides in her recovery and she Came Home on Saturday, Feb. 2nd!! We are so thrilled with her progress and with the outpouring of healing that the Lord has provided! We have fallen in love with President and Sister McKee. It has been a marvelous experience reading their blog as President McKee has shared their heart-wrenching and faith promoting journey with us. We are personally grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord which allow our own daughter “Sister A” and the other 24 missionaries arriving in her group this month to be greeted personally by Sister McKee. – MoSop

I love your comments! ♥

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