We Have Genius In Our Genesis

When I had to visit the hospital billing department today I didn’t know I would leave feeling inspired. [Note to self: remember that enlightenment can come at any time, any place] The actual meeting regarding our billing concern was not particularly ‘inspiring’, but the small poster hanging on the wall of the billing agent’s cubicle made my experience positively memorable. I did a little “modern research” [i.e. Google Search – ha ha], and here is the poster. Geniuses, unite!


Today Einstein reminded me that when we spend too much of our time “looking at the trees” – focusing on all the little things we can’t do or don’t have – then we are missing out on the big wide “ocean” of amazing possibility that is who we are and what our life offers.

Do you really believe that you are a genius?

You should!

You don’t have to just take Einstein’s word for it. The One who created you has proclaimed it.

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” Psalms 82:6

The “Most High” and powerful ruler of our Universe, the greatest Genius of all time and space is our Father. And as His royal children, we have Genius in our Genesis.

Oh yes, our power is much greater than we know or can comprehend, and our potential is truly endless!

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