Ready Or Not, It’s That Time Of Year Again

Even though Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, it’s already time for me to focus on Christmas. I can’t help it. I’m a singer. My Christmas Concert marathon is only 4 short weeks away. [*facepalm*]

Christmas lights 2010

Ironically, having to think about the holidays is the last thing I want to do right now. It’s too overwhelming. There’s so much uncertainty for our family. It should be enough for me to just focus on my daughter and her medical crises and take “one-day-at-a-time”, right? But no, I don’t have that “luxury”.

I feel increased empathy for all of those who, for so many reasons, cannot say it’s the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for them. Perhaps they won’t be “Home for the holidays“, or perhaps they will have a home with an empty chair at the table, and aching hearts around the tree. In all honesty, I was dreading sitting down at the piano tonight to work on my large stack of new music. I knew that if there was going to be any hope for me to be even half prepared, there was no time to lose. For me, learning new music always requires focus, and an investment of time. I have to sit and play through the melodies and the key changes, learning my part note by note. And, all that memorizing, memorizing, memorizing will only sink in to my brain through repetition!


I never thought I’d say it, but two hours later I admit I am grateful Christmas came early again this year.

Particularly, this year.

First of all, I’ve discovered a person cannot sing Christmas songs very long with a frowny face. (I dare you to try). Second, I was quickly reminded that Christmas songs are filled with the Spirit of Christ – and therefore, they are filled with His healing power. So, tonight while I plunked away at the keyboard, my heart began to feel lighter. And as I “jingle-jangled”, “merrily-merrilied”, and “Gloria-in-ex-celcis-ied” up and down the scale, the worries cleared from my mind and my soul warmed and calmed.

Yep, ready or not, it is that time of year again. Far beyond the hustle and bustle, setting aside the commercialism, and ignoring those traffic jams, it is a special time to prepare for the Christ Child to enter into our homes and into our hearts, if we will let Him.

It is never too early to let Him in. It is never too late to make room.

This year, I need Christmas more than ever.

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