The Secret To Happiness

Today I am grateful for happy people. There’s something contagious – in a good way – about them. It’s Day 16 in hospital. Daughter-A has amazing nurses and therapists. Nearly all of them have the most beautiful, positive attitudes! Several have become our new “best friends”. I am moved by their simple acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and devoted service.


We can tell the choice to be caregivers in a hospital is much more than ‘just a job’ to them (and honestly, could you really ever pay them enough for some of the ‘dirty-work’ they have to do?!) These Florence and Fred Nightengales all seem to have at least one thing in common;

A Spirit of Giving.

I loved this video, which illustrates so beautifully the secret to being happy.

Giving Thanks Is More Than A Holiday



  1. I worked for a year in a retirement community. I loved that job. I think I got more than I gave. The people were so sweet and so grateful for anything you did for them. Loved the video, forwarded it to friends and family.

    Praying for a miracle for your daughter and your family.

    Love to you and Daughter A., Lynne


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