Christmas Message From Sandy Hook

We have been suffering for so many weeks through my daughter’s serious illness and hospitalization; trying to make sense of it all, trying to endure it all, trying to hold onto hope and faith. “Why is this happening?” we ask, “When will this end?”, “What can we do to make everything all better?” and sometimes, I admit my soul has even cried out,

“Where Is God?” 

Yesterday I finally decided to watch a video that so many people have been sharing on their Facebook pages and web feeds recently. It is a message from the mother of a 6-year-old girl who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting one year ago on  December 14, 2012.

I was afraid to watch it because I knew it would make me cry. Until the past couple of days, I haven’t been letting myself cry. I’ve mistakenly thought that crying during our trial would translate as a lack of faith. But as I blogged yesterday, I’ve learned even God himself cries. It’s OK.

So, I watched the video, released for the anniversary of Sandy Hook – and yes, I sobbed.


But, it was a good, healing cry.

I am so deeply moved by the courage of this dear mother, and her beautiful message to the world on behalf of her beloved daughter. Sweet little Emilee didn’t come home for Christmas last year. She never will.

Although this video is not specifically billed as a “Christmas message”, I’ve felt how what happened after the Sandy Hook tragedy exemplifies what Christmas is really all about.

“Where was God?” people ask.

God allows tragedy. God allows sorrow. God allows suffering.

“God even allowed others to kill His Son.”

But, because His Son was born, and died, evil will never win.


Sandy Hook: “Evil Did Not Win”


Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something Extra:

Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir dedicated a special broadcast of their weekly Sunday program Music and The Spoken Word to the victims, families and city. Ryan Murphy, assistant director of the Choir, was raised in Newtown, Connecticut, and actually attended Sandy Hook Elementary as a child – making the tragedy even more personal and emotional for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir family.

You can watch the special Sandy Hook Tribute January 6, 2013 – by Clicking Here.


  1. I was so moved by this blog and the videos. I remember the little girl in the video. Wasn’t her family LDS. She was so precious. I remember her father talking with the media. I didn’t realize that Ryan Murphy was from Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elem. How ironic that he should lead the Choir and Orchestra in a service dedicated to them. Tragedies are always painful, but moreso when the victims are children. The day after the tragedy occurred, I wrote the following poem:

    When Evil Comes to Call
    Dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School

    A chill ran down my spine today,
    as news began to break,
    A madman went into a school,
    and young lives he did take,
    How could this happen anywhere,
    what’s wrong with this cruel world,
    There has to be someone to blame,
    some curses to be hurled,
    Why can’t this be prevented,
    someone should stop it all,
    But this is just the way it goes,
    when evil comes to call,
    For evil knows no limits,
    and madness has no fear,
    It roams about the countryside,
    sometimes it’s very near,
    There’s no way we can stop it,
    because we cannot tell,
    Who’s coming from another world,
    right from the pit of Hell,
    And even though He’s watching,
    God cannot interfere,
    Because He gave us all free will,
    and that to Him is dear,
    But, He’ll be there to comfort,
    the ones who’re left behind,
    The ones who’re gone are now with Him,
    let it bring you peace of mind,
    He’s holding them and loving,
    the little girls and boys,
    He wants us to remember them,
    their laughter and their joys,
    He knows you will have heartache,
    His heart is aching more,
    Have faith, one day you’ll be with them,
    together evermore.

    God Bless you MoSop, Lynne


  2. is beautiful post, reminded me that since I was born I was very ill, doctors told my parents that I had no hope in life, my pilmones were weak, and and many complications my mafdre resigned himself, but relieve me of that evil, and every so often rested with me and vovia be more or less well was growing well, and know the church in my youth and I understand that Mr. had something prepared for me to form my home, although they agreed my fam, I had my children, just relapsing of in occasionally and with the support of my beloved husband, and the prayers, instantly my fam, now I’m a grandmother, and I’m very sensitive, I can only support low to my grandchildren, but that Mr. had a plan to me, but if I had not lived when I was born, he also had a plan to me, is that everything has a purpose in life and eternity, would like to share this message for love


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