Carols of Christmas 2009 with Cole and McCullough

In December 2009 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir welcomed singer Natalie Cole and renowned writer-historian David McCullough to join ‘the family’ for Christmas…and we made lasting magical memories together!

2009 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Special
2009 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Special

Christmas Concert – 2009

The 2009 Christmas concert was particularly moving and inspiring to me personally because of Natalie Cole’s sweet spirit. I will forever feel blessed to have shared the same stage with such a courageous woman. Just a few short months before, Natalie had been spending long days and nights in vigil at the hospital bedside of her sister on life support.

Natalie Cole, 2009 Christmas Concert special
Natalie Cole, 2009 Christmas Concert special

Meanwhile, Natalie herself had been waging her own life-threatening medical battle with Hepatitis C and was wait-listed for a liver transplant. When the call miraculously came in May 2009 for her second chance at life it was a bitter-sweet blessing. At nearly the same moment she was gaining her life, she was losing the life of her sweet sister. I cannot fully comprehend the emotional and physical trauma of 2009 for Natalie Cole. But, today during our current family circumstances with daughter-A’s long ongoing hospitalization I feel even more empathetic, tenderhearted and grateful toward Natalie than ever before. I am thoroughly touched that she courageously chose to come to Salt Lake City, despite her physical and emotional suffering, and graciously and selflessly share her talents as part of a gruelling performing week for thousands and thousands of adoring fans each night  – most of whom never knew what she was enduring. And she did it with a big smile on her face, joyfully expressing her strong faith in God, and with a heart filled with so much love.

Thank you so much, Natalie. We love you! ♥ – MoSop

To read more about Natalie’s dramatic story of tragedy and triumph, be sure to check out the November 2009 AARP cover-story Natalie Cole’s New Life (published just 3 weeks prior to her arrival for the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concerts)


Christmas 2009 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Special with Natalie Cole and David McCullough



Watch this short video recapping the 2009 Christmas concert courtesy the LDS Newsroom World Report

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