Glad Tidings of Christmas 2010 with Archuleta and York

The 2010 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert beat all records for ticket requests, and crowds. Adorning fans queued up to the Conference Center hours beforehand hoping for standby seating. The excitement and energy of the crowd was truly epic.


Singer David Archuleta made history as the youngest guest artist to ever grace the Conference Center Christmas stage. At his young age, Archuleta had already faced tremendous personal challenges both in his family life with the pending divorce of his parents, and the harsh artistic spotlight as a finalist on the popular TV talent competition ‘American Idol’. To be headlining 4 major concerts performed to a 21,000+ audience daily, plus knowing it was being filming for later release as a PBS Television Special to be broadcast to over 4 million, the pressure and expectations must have been especially intense for the 18-year-old idol (his 19th birthday still 2 weeks away). Despite it all, David charmed the audience with his radiant smile, solid vocals and genuine sweetness. [I honestly don’t think the Conference Center has ever had a more enthusiastic throng].

David Archuleta - Christmas 2010
David Archuleta – Christmas 2010

2010 David Archuleta Highlights from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert

Joining “the voice” was veteran actor of stage and screen Sir Michael York as our Narrator. I have to admit, I’ve personally harbored a crush on York since I was 10 years old. One of my favorite movies growing up was the sci-fi dystopian Logan’s Run.  Hey, don’t laugh. The special effects were very cool for it’s day (it was also the first time to use Dolby Sound), and the entire film totally captured my young imagination. Of course, York’s 50-year distinguished career includes being an Emmy-winning Broadway performer, recording over 100 audio books, a highly sought-after Shakespearean actor, an acclaimed regular on BBC, and knighted by the Queen. (But, I’ll always think of him as Logan-5) York is also admired for his enduring romance with his wife Pat. they celebrated 45 years of marriage this year. Pat joined Sir York in Salt Lake City during our concert week.

Getting the chance to perform on the same stage of this great actor and loyal husband was as much a thrill for me as I’m sure seeing & hearing heart-throb Archuleta was for the majority of our audience. 🙂


During his performance week, Michael York was waging a battle with a rare and mysterious disorder that was affecting his eyesight (which required him to wear tinted lenses), and altering his iconic mellow voice. One can only imagine how distressed he was! Originally thought to be a form of cancer and then several other medical anomalies, his condition was finally diagnosed in 2013 and treated at Mayo Clinic as the rare and potentially fatal condition of Amyloidosis.

The Special Music and the Spoken Word Broadcast entitled “Sing Choir’s of Angels” aired Sunday December 19th, 2010 featuring Michael York’s Narration from the 2010 Christmas Concert, which tells the story of Welsh pioneer John Perry, and the origin of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Sing Choir of Angels – Music and the Spoken Word – December 19, 2010 with Michael York

If you’ve been following my series of Christmas Concert recaps, then you may be recognizing a pattern. Each one of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir special guest artists have arrived with unique challenges and trials they are personally enduring  – and yet each one of them have risen above their challenges, giving 100% of their talents to provide  inspirational performances that literally bless millions for generations to come. How inspiring they all are! In 2010, we were blessed to have David Archuleta, and Michael York! – MoSop


WATCH: Mormon Newsroom 2010 Christmas Concert Spotlight

GET A COPY: “Glad Tidings of Christmas” Live Performance on CD or DVD


  1. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I’m one of David Archuleta’s “grandma fans”. He won my admiration when he was on American Idol, for his wonderful singing, and has won my respect for his character and following his heart by putting his career on hold to serve a Mormon Mission in Chile. He performed in the local Christmas Concert there last year and again this year. I was lucky enough to see the live stream online last Sat. His voice is as good as ever, maybe even better. He’s come a long way from the 16 year old boy who first auditioned for Am. Idol. Has become quite a handsome young man, 23 this month. Of course, I have the DVD of Glad Christmas Tidings. My favorite year.

    Love this series of blogs. Love to you and your daughter, Lynne


  2. Thank you for the wonderful article. I saw the concert two years in a row on PBS and own the CD & DVD. It’s a beautiful concert. I’m also a huge fan of David Archuleta. David overcame another challenge – his vocal paralysis around age 12 or 13. One of David’s vocal cords is still small and partially paralyzed and the other cord amazingly has grown over to meet the small one so he could sing again. That was discovered after Idol finished, when the Idol ENT (who was also David’s ENT during his vocal paralysis) asked to scope his throat again to see how he was singing. I look forward to David’s return from his mission.


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