Once Upon A Christmas 2011 with Seymour and Gunn

In December 2011, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organization was joined by Emmy-award winning actress Jane Seymour and opera baritone Nathan Gunn in a Christmas spectacular featuring a Medieval theme. The Conference Center on Temple Square was transformed into a fairy-tale castle complete with all the accompanying royal costuming and pageantry.

2011 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert

During the opening night of this concert series, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) president Paula Kerger attended and announced to the audience that the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas special has become their top program, garnering over 4 million views each year and beyond.

It is important to note that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints produces this beautiful and stunning annual program as a free gift to the community and the world. It was joy to have the beautiful Jane Seymour and handsome Nathan Gunn lighting up our stage in 2011!

Nathan Gunn and Jane Seymour, 2011 Christmas Guests

Both of these guests have strong family values, giving hearts, and boast a long list of professional artistic credits! Nathan Gunn often travels with his wife and five children. His family joined him in Salt Lake City for this exciting Concert week. He has performed on major opera stages around the world, including the MET. Jane Seymour is still known by many of ‘a certain age’  for her performance as a “Bond girl” way back in the 70s. To a younger generation she is “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”. But, of course, Jane Seymour will always be the lovely and elusive Elise McKenna from one of my favorite movies “Somewhere In Time” starring opposite the beloved actor Christopher Reeves, as Richard Collier. To me, Jane will always be the epitome of grace, beauty and romance –  How appropriate that her Christmas Concert theme was equally so perfect!

Jane Seymour - 2011 Christmas
Jane Seymour – 2011 Christmas
Nathan Gunn - 2011 Christmas
Nathan Gunn – 2011 Christmas

The Choir has created two specials offered on YouTube from the 2011 Christmas season. The first primarily features Nathan Gunn, and the second spotlights Jane Seymour. I am sharing both for your pleasure.

First, a mini-concert of selections by Nathan Gunn and the Choir, concluding with Jane Seymour reciting the traditional nativity story from the Book of Luke.

A MAGICAL SEASON – December 2011 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Special

This second video is the Christmas 2011 special of Music & The Spoken Word, the Choir’s long-running weekly Sunday tv & radio broadcast (now running continuously for over 85 years). Here is the December 22, 2011 program featuring Jane Seymour’s retelling of the inspiring Good King Wenceslas story. – MoSop

The Spirit of Giving – Music and the Spoken Word with Jane Seymour – December 22, 2011



WATCH: Mormon Newsroom Exclusive Interview of Gunn & Seymour with Highlights and Recap of Christmas 2011

GET A COPY: “Once Upon A Christmas” CD or Live DVD performance.

SPECIAL BOOK & DVD: “Good King Wenceslas” Illustrated storybook with a DVD of Jane Seymour’s Narration performance.

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