Everything Speaks His Name

My beautiful friend and master-musician Shawna Belt Edwards has done it again! Here is her latest song and video for you to enjoy; “Everything Speaks His Name”.

This new Christian music video by Shawna Belt Edwards is about God’s creations. Performed by Jessie Clark Funk. With artwork from Jon McNaughton, and photography from Berdeen Meadows, Autumn Jones and Summer Meredith.

Everything Speaks His Name – Lyrics

When I consider the rose that grows in winter
or feel the rain upon my face
or see the snow arranged like lace,
I know Him better.

When I discover a wild flower’s color
or touch a single blade of grass
or hear a child laugh,
then I am surer that everything,
from the mountain to the stream,
from the valley to the sky;
Everything, from the meadow to the sea,
from the sunlight to the rain.
Everything speaks His name

He watches over creations without number
And yet, He lifts the sparrow’s wing
and dresses lilies in the spring.
He knows my name

He forms a dew drop;
His word commands the storm to stop.
He makes the eagle free to fly
and paints a rainbow in the sky,
all for you and I.

How could you not believe?
When everything speaks His name.

I cannot imagine it was all because of chance
Everything from the sunset to the stars,
from the ocean, to the shore;
Everything from the mighty king,
to the tiny babe.
Everything speaks His name.


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