Begin Again

I woke up this morning, and I was still breathing. That is pretty much always a good way to start the day. I lay in my bed feeling the pillow cushioning my head. I saw light filtering through my curtains. I heard a bird chattering outside my window. I smelled something warm and cinnamon wafting from the kitchen. And, I realized – it’s not too late to begin to enjoy my life again.


Despite having our lives shattered eight months ago when Daughter A became seriously ill. Despite being broadsided with confusion and sorrow. Despite being knocked off track from our healthy lifestyle habits. Despite having goals, dreams and plans sidetracked, put on hold or completely cancelled. . . It’s still not too late!

We are picking up the pieces of our lives and re-examining them. We are moving forward, however slowly or circuitously . We are embracing our resilience. We are finding our way and beginning again.

Begin Again

It’s not too late to begin again:

  • making a fresh start.
  • learning something new.
  • doing something daring.
  • stretching a little farther than you’ve ever stretched before.

begin right now-uchtdorf

It’s not too late to begin again:

  • eating healthier.
  • getting more exercise.
  • dancing.
  • singing.
  • laughing

“So much of heartache and grief eventually become blessings, our earthly instructions, and condition us spiritually. Even if we cannot understand the “whys” of our tribulations, we can still turn to God and rededicate our lives to his safekeeping. . . May each of us, where necessary, Begin Again.”

– Hugh W. Pinnock, Beginning Again, April 1982


It’s not too late to begin again:

  • expressing appreciation.
  • performing an act of service.
  • ‘paying-it-forward’.
  • showing kindness.
  • forgiving.
  • saying “I love you!”
  • counting the blessings.


Life is good. Life is a gift. Life is meant to be lived. I’m ready.

I’ll Begin Again – Scrooge, The Musical

Music & Lyrics – Leslie Bricusse

I’ll begin again
I will build my life
I will live to know
I fulfilled my life
I’ll begin today
Throw away the past
And the future I build
Will be something that will last
I will take the time
That I have left to live
And I’ll give it all
That I have left to give
I will live my days
For my fellow men
And I’ll live in praise
Of that moment when
I was able to begin again

I’ll begin again
I will change my fate
I will show the world
That it is not too late
I will never stop
While I still have time
‘Till I stand at the top
Of the mountain I must climb
I will start anew
I will make amends
And I will make quite certain
That the story ends
On a note of hope
On a strong amen
And I’ll thank the world
And remember when
I was able to begin again
I’ll begin again!


Are you ready? What will you Begin Again? – MoSop

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  1. Hello, dear Soprano! Your post is precious and delightful ! Thanks for your example of perseverance, faith, and hope. . . You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. . . Hugs!

    P.S. The Tabernacle Choir singing was exceptionally lovely for April Conference. Thank you!


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