Lord of The Sea – Stories of Jesus

Today I am thrilled to launch a brand new video as part of a series of upcoming music videos! 🙂 [*hint: exciting new project ahead!*]

With the blessing of talented and amazing musicians Melanie and Roger Hoffman [composers of the YouTube song sensation “Gethsemane“] I give you “Lord of The Sea“, written by Melanie Hoffman, arranged by Roger Hoffman and sung by Natalie Gale. This song is found on the “Stories of Jesus CD, recently re-published due to popular demand and available for a limited time – go get one today!

I hope that you will find peace and joy in this beautiful song about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please “Like” and “Share” the video, and be sure to check out the Hoffman’s music website www.HoffmanHouse.com where you can find this song, and many, many more!

***Production Note: This video was created by Holly A @MormonSoprano [me]. All video clips are my personal property, licensed to me. All still photos/paintings are in the common domain & free from copyright restriction.***


by Melanie Hoffman

Jesus’ friends set sail out on the water

And there came a great wind on the sea

Stuck on a boat, barely afloat, they were helpless as they could be.

[Blow, blow the wind did blow…blow, blow the wind did blow]

They had labored all night through the water

Trying to not drown in the sea

What could they do? They would never get through

They would die in the Galilee!

[Blow, blow the wind did blow. Blow, blow the wind did blow.]

Jesus came to them walking on water

Because he is the Lord of the sea

They cried out in fear, he said ‘Be of Good cheer! Be not afraid, it is me!”

The wind stopped blowing the water,

And there came a great calm on the sea

Because Jesus was there, peace filled the air

And the boat moved ahead safe and free

Jesus is Lord of the sea. Jesus is Lord of the sea!



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