Ousel Falls and A Pig Roast

We’ve had a busy and fun day here in Big Sky, Montana! Today we hiked to a stunning waterfall, discovered The Wrap Shack, explored the mountain meadow, went shopping in a little country store, and attended an authentic all-you-care-to-eat western Pig Roast at a dude ranch! Yup, pardner, we sure did.

After yesterday’s cold and rainy weather, we were thrilled to wake to sunshine and blue sky, which meant it was time to “hit the trails”. We had heard that the Ousel Falls hike was fairly accessible for Daughter A and her walker. We were not disappointed! The trail has been extensively improved, widened, professionally graded, and fortified. There are multiple gorgeous log bridges, picnic tables, benches to rest on along the trail, and once you reach the upper falls, there are rock steps and handrails. All of this is completely new since the last time Mr. Mo and I were here.

The Ousel Falls trail used to be very rustic, and once you reached the look-out over the falls it was unimproved and dangerous. So, today we were pleasantly surprised around every turn, and our walk was incredibly enjoyable for all of us.

This is a family-friendly hike. It is also pet friendly (must keep them on leash). Round-trip is just under 2 miles. It is not too strenuous, and is accessible and wheelchair/walker friendly (Note, a few small logs have been purposely embedded in the trail from time to time to prevent trail erosion. We just needed to help the walker over those little bumps).

Daughter A was enjoying herself so much, she ended up walking the entire loop all on her own (taking several rest breaks along the way of course). Whoo hoo!

As you walk along, the trail delights all of the senses. You will see the moss growing on the trees, hear the songs of the happy birds and the rushing of the water, smell the fresh dewy grass and pine needles, feel the warm sunshine on your face and the mountain breeze blowing your hair. Be sure to stop along the way to rest. Close your eyes and soak in nature’s healing touch.

2014-06-23 12.57.32

The snowpack was big this year and so the water is running high. This makes for some really spectacular river action! All along the trail there are mini-waterfalls and excitement to see, but eventually hikers are rewarded with the “big one” at the end. The sound is so deafening due to the water pressure at the falls that you must yell at each other to try to be heard. But…we didn’t need to speak. It was simply a time for personal reflection and drinking it all in.



After our hike, we had worked up an appetite. So we headed on over to The Wrap Shack – a local favorite specializing in fresh sandwich wraps and salads. Very reasonably priced, and delicious!

We did some shopping at the little meadow market and captured a nice photo of Lone Peak rising above the Big Sky meadow golf course.

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Later in the evening we took advantage of the local 320 Guest Ranch Monday night Pig Roast! The 320 folks sure do know how to do a BBQ right! Every Monday night the ranch throws an all-you-care-to-eat Pork BBQ for only $15 per person. And we not only enjoyed the meal, we enjoyed the live entertainment and the gorgeous surroundings!

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings! – MoSop



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  1. Great photos and we loved the video of the falls. Both your dad and I are missing big sky!! Looking forward to next year when we can go and see it all. THe wrap shack is new we believe because we have never seen it. We will want to try the pig barbegue next year. Sounds yummy. Did Amanda walk the entire loop? Wow good for her. Love you all, Mother


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