A Big Sky Summer

I’ve escaped to the mountains for a few days of rest and relaxation. There’s nothing like sitting by a mountain lake, breathing in pine scented air, communing with nature and watching some wildlife to soothe the weary soul. Our family started vacationing in Big Sky Montana twenty years ago. We’ve watched it transform from a sleepy little mountain hideaway to a bustling resort town. It’s very special to us, and it’s my “happy place”. I haven’t been able to return for many years, so it is an especially exciting “homecoming” for me.

Yesterday’s road trip was fairly long but surprisingly smooth sailing. We had some tender mercies and surprises along the way.

  • Every time we needed a rest stop, the rain would let up and we would stay dry. The moment we got back in the car, down the rain would come pouring  again!
  • Dinner at a roadside Applebees Restaurant got off to a rocky start. Something was not right in the kitchen. Our poor waitress was beside herself trying to take good care of us, and despite her best efforts was unable to get our meal to us in a timely manner. When it finally arrived 45 minutes later (!) it was poorly cooked and very disappointing. Dinner was pretty much a fail. But, then the management stepped up and made things right, choosing to comp our entire meal! Thumbs up to Applebees! (We gave our relieved waitress an extra big tip)
  • The clouds lifted long enough to glimpse the Grand Teton mountains in the distance 🙂 Always a stunning sight.20140621_193550
  • Thanks to the rain, we scored a rainbow!20140621_194633
  • No traffic jams, no kamikaze drivers and no camper slowdowns through Island Park to West Yellowstone (#miracle!!)
  • Arrived at our destination in time to buy milk & eggs at the little convenience store before they closed!
  • Captured the last of the light as we pulled in to the Mountain Village10508448_10152922502453294_634541278_n

We were able to attend church at the Big Sky branch today and enjoy their lovely building, which is such a blessing! Twenty years ago church was held in a small room at the shopping mall in the Mountain Village. There wasn’t an organized branch of the church in this area at all. A sweet couple named Elder Dick Feltus and Sister Anita Feltus would drive all the way from Bozeman, Montana to hold a humble sacrament meeting service. A few years later, a small branch was formed and meetings relocated to the Bucks T-4 Lodge, as well as a couple of other local hotels. Finally Church headquarters purchased land and have built a darling stage-one chapel. It’s beautiful! The handful of local saints who attend may be small in number but are mighty in their faith. Today’s tender mercy was that Elder and Sister Feltus just happened to be the invited speakers for the sacrament service! It was so much fun to reunite with them and to hear their strong testimonies. They spoke about the history of the church in the area, and how the church has grown and flourished across the earth over their lifetimes. They shared inspiring stories and strong testimonies of the gospel. Our hearts were knit together and the spirit was strong and sweet.

After church we returned to our Mountain retreat. There is a little fox who has taken up residence near our lodge. We had fun watching his antics. It’s been a rainy day, but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it; snuggling up near the crackling fireplace, playing board games, reading books, napping, taking a walk around the lake… ahhhh…

This is what a Big Sky Summer is all about! – MoSop



  1. The mountains have always been a source of wonder and amazement to me. The shear size and majesty allow for hours of pondering and somehow feeling secure; as if God Himself is stretching forth His arms and beckoning a welcome to us all.


  2. My husband, Ron, just stumbeld across your blog. We were called to serve in Big Sky as of August 2014 so we just missed your visit. (We live in Bozeman.) I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing about our beautiful little Big Sky Branch. Every week the spirit is so strong there that it’s hard to leave to come home. We hope we will see you come and visit us again.

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    1. That’s wonderful Melody! Our family will be coming again to Big Sky in June. 🙂 I won’t get to come this year due to Tabernacle Choir Tour conflicting, but all the other fam will be there.


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