Getting Personal About Preventing Suicide

All of us have been touched in some way by the crushing effect of emotional illness and the devastation of suicide. I’ve experienced it personally, and via loved ones, all of my life. For too many years this subject has been “taboo”, which only makes it worse. A beautiful and powerful new video just posted quietly last night on the Mormon Channel. It includes my friend Seth who shares his personal story. Seth has become a voice for those suffering with depression, hopelessness and thoughts of ending life. He’s made it OK to talk about it, and shows that this kind of struggle is not a “character flaw”. When the darkness of emotional illness closes in on the mind, even the very best and brightest cannot save themselves.

I’m so grateful that people are finally talking about the subject of mental and emotional illness & becoming educated. And now, the Church is adding a loud and clear voice to help end stigma and save lives.

This new video offers a voice of reason, kindness, & understanding. It is also a plea to reach out and be willing to “sit on the bench” for as long as it takes with someone who is suffering.

The story behind this painting is featured in the new Mormon Channel video
The story behind this painting is featured in the new Mormon Channel video

We each have the power to be a savior for someone else.

I want to addressed something that was not really included in this video:

No matter how hard we try, sometimes a life is not saved.

When that happens, it is completely devastating for everyone left behind. The pain, guilt and  sorrows never end. Lives are shattered. I’ve watched the agony my dearest friend and her children have suffered over the past 9 years after losing her loving husband, and their sweet daddy to suicide.

Please don’t forget about “sitting on the bench” with the survivors! They have already lost so much. They NEED YOU to stay in their lives and help them keep walking one painful step at a time.


You aren’t alone. Please tell someone how you are feeling! Even if you don’t think they care. People care about you and need you more than you know. You won’t feel like this forever. I promise. I know. I’ve been there.




Shun, judge, pretend you know how they feel, preach, mock, expect anything of them, or ignore them!



Something kind, serve them, keep offering help, listen to them, talk with them, pray for them, show them that you care, notice them, offer resources, find help, stay actively involved in their life.

“We keep our antennas up. We watch out for each other. We love one another. We leave the judgments, the eternal judgements to our Heavenly Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ who know All Things.” – Elder M. Russell Ballard


Uniting together, we can become a powerful force for good to help and save lives! – MoSop


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    This is such an important subject, I had to share it with my people. Please don’t take it for granted. If you want to keep the joy in your life, reach out to those in pain. Offer a shoulder to someone who needs one. Be a friend. You never know just how much you may be helping. And that’s more than a Pocketful of Joy!


  2. I have a friend who lost a son to suicide. Last week he lost two more friends–in one week. He has become a vociferous advocate for suicide prevention. I’m definitely sharing!


  3. Dear Holly,
    This is a very important blog you’ve written. I know the pain that a lot of people are going through. When I was in my early 20’s I took a handful of tranquilizers and went to work. Then, as I started to get sleepy, I started getting scared. I called a friend and he came and got me and took me home. He fixed a pot of coffee and stayed with me, talked to me, and walked me around until it wore off. I guess I didn’t take enough to kill me, because I’m still here 50 years later. When you are depressed like that, you don’t think clearly. You don’t think what it will do to others, all you can think about is escaping the pain you’re going through. And when you’re depressed, you can’t see the way out. I’ve been depressed most of my life, and still struggle with it, but once I met the Savior, I made a decision that no matter how bad things got, I would never consider suicide again. I’ve faced a lot of hardships in my life, 3 failed marriages among them, but I’ve always had Jesus, and I know he’ll never leave me or forsake me. He’s the rock in my life and I know I can always call on Him for help. Sometimes I just talk to Him out loud. I live alone, so there’s no one here to think I’m crazy. Usually after a good conversation with Jesus, I feel much better. Thank you so much for addressing this subject. You’ll never know how many people you may have helped.
    Love, Lynne


    1. Lynne, thank you for sharing your personal story. I’m so glad you’re still with us. Your faith and relationship with Jesus is an inspiring testimony. Keep holding onto that rock!


  4. thank you for this excellent blog. I know that I have not been there for others as I should have been in the past. This video helped to let me and others know that just being there is all that is really needed. It is scary when you feel like you should be able to say the right things but you don’t know what is right to say. This was a good video to explain that just being there is all you need.


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    I had another post planned for today. It just needs some finishing touches. I think I’ll leave that post for next week, though. This is far more important. Thanks, MoSop!


      1. You are most welcome!

        It was supposed to go on my other blog, so it was deleted from Untold Stories and linked to Latter Day Liberal.

        I also shared it with my Facebook friend, who posted it on his Facebook wall. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes viral!


  6. Thanks, all of you! Many years ago I made an attempt on my life that was nearly successful–I was barely taken to the hospital on time. I’ve done a lot of Healing, and those memories don’t hurt much anymore. I want to say to anyone who last lost a loved one this way: They have likely lost NO eternal opportunity because of what they have done. My conviction is that theyy are received in Love and protected for a period of time from understanding how they have hurt loved ones. However, they can continue to grow and Heal and repent and will have access to loving and supportive souls if they choose; with this I have the conviction that whatever level of suffering we have in this life, we are clearly better off resolving it on this side of our existences. I strongly believe those those dual truths. My depression was as deep and profound as only can be understood by someone who has experienced that complete darkness and loss of hope. I yearned to release my family members from the burden of me, and acted out of love. There were lousy antidepressants back then and I had shock treatments at lst. Now there are very god antidepressants which can make emotional and spiritual and physical work bearable and possible for most people Please know that the lst medication may not work at all and a person must be encouraged to see through another choice, as we are all different. Healing from deep shame was part of it—-a therapist experienced in shame healing might be an option. There for the Grace of God go I—-please share my story with someone if it will help. Suicidal thoughts can spiral a depression because of guilt. I learned that early suicidal thoughts or deepening depression can be part of a realization: “I object to how lousy things are. I do not accept Life like this!” And with help that person can begin to shift goals and expectations and beliefs—-like needing meds is fine—just like a Diabetic may benefit fron excercize and healthy eating yet might require medication to function.
    AND getting Healthier can take time and priority over pressures of Education or Mission or Marrying or Serving or More Children. . .too often a church member can feel that their only worth is to Serve & Achieve—just Being can take priority for a long time! I believe in Priesthood Blessings as an aid in searching for answers as well as Healing itself. Best wishes to those struggling. . .


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