Count Your Blessings sung by Lucy Rhodes

Today’s Thanksgiving playlist song comes from reader Amy, who shared this beautiful song which I had never heard before! “Count Your Blessings” was written by Reginald Morgan & Edith Temple, c.1946 in London.Not to be confused with the LDS hymn “Count Your Blessings/When Upon Life’s Billows” nor Irving Berlin’s popular “Count your Blessings Instead of Sheep” – nope, all different songs! But, they all share a similar theme.


The Morgan/Temple “Count Your Blessings” has been recorded by UK & Canadian artists, but is still undiscovered in the USA. There are very few recordings, in fact, available online and even less information/background/history to be found about this song or its authors. So, for now, it remains a mysterious little treasure.

I love the lyrics which are hopeful and point out all the benefits of focusing on our blessings, such as “They will light your heart with happiness” and “Lovely things abound just waiting for you“.

Of the four YouTube offerings, this video is my favorite featuring Lucy Rhodes hailed as the 2002 “BBC Radio Choir Girl of The Year” (did you even know there were “Choir Girl of the Year” awards? Me neither).

What a beautiful voice, and, what a beautiful cathedral she gets to sing in! (does anyone happen to know which location it is?)

Enjoy! – MoSop

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by Reginald Morgan and Edith Temple, c1946

Count your blessings one by one
When dawn appears and day has just begun
They will light your heart with happiness
Make each hour bright and bring you gladness

Count your blessings one by one
When twilight falls and toil of day is done
And in sweet dreams they’ll come again to you
If you will count your blessings each day through

Count your blessings while you may
For we are here but little time to stay
All around are hearts sincere and true
Lovely things abound just waiting for you

Count your blessings while you may
The big or small, whichever comes your way
For then you’ll find this world a place of love
If you will count your blessings from above


  1. It is a lovely song. And Lucy Rhodes has a gorgeous voice!!! I might have some insight into to origin of the song. ASCAP listed Reginald Morgan and Max Rosen (violinist) as the same person. I think Max Rosen who was signed to Brunswick and a world renowned musician, to supplement his income when his career faded by writing music to many pop tunes. I am his daughter – Carol Dolgon-Krutolow born Hildy Carol Rosen

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  2. Hi Holly:

    I stumbled upon your entry here, and enjoyed the recording of Count Your Blessings sung by Lucy Rhodes. And what a pleasure to hear from Carol Dolgon-Krutolow, daughter of Max Rosen (Reginald Morgan)!

    This too is one of my favourite songs, and I often sing it while driving in the car, or walking one of the peaceful wooded trails around here in beautiful Parrsboro, Nova Scotia (a small plug, because I’m a Parrsboro “Ambassador”). My favourite recording of it however is by the late great Irish tenor Josef Locke.

    Here is some of the recording information and a link to it on Youtube:

    Count Your Blessings While You May
    Josef Locke, with the Melachrino Orchestra, 1948 (1992 Remaster)

    Note, I had to shorten the title to simply “Count Your Blessings” to find this and other listings of this recording. I hope that you enjoy it, and keep singing your heart out!


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