Thanksgiving, for Piano – George Winston

Some of the most beautiful pieces of music are songs without words. Today’s instrumental musical selection is titled “Thanksgiving”, a piano solo written by the popular and prolific New Age composer George Winston. George grew up in Montana. His music is inspired by nature, the seasons, and the beauty of his home state.

George Winston, photo credit Joe del Tufo
George Winston, photo credit Joe del Tufo

“I compose 1 or 2 songs a year, and it happens occasionally, without any planning or intent to compose, as I am practicing. It always happens at the piano, as opposed to in my head away from the instrument. Sometimes it happens when I am inspired by the Season, Montana, etc., and sometimes it just happens without any feeling at all . . .

Thanksgiving was kind of a chord progression written around the circle of fifths. The picture it gave me was [of] my home city of Billings, around [the month of] November.” – George Winston

“Thanksgiving” is found on Winston’s album titled December, released in 2001.

I highly recommend reading Kurt Brindley’s epic account of meeting George Winston, in his entertaining blog post:  “You know, sometimes it’s OK to meet your hero” 🙂

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