Behind The Scenes: World’s Largest Nativity Event!

I’m still on a high from Monday night’s epic 8 hour film shoot for the World’s Largest Living Nativity event in Provo Utah. I’ve already blogged about my experience here, and here, and you can watch my VLOG here, or see all my photos here. But, I’m just not ready to be done basking in the glow of the experience yet. This was truly awe inspiring for me. I just want to keep sharing that joy!

Media Attention

There’s been a LOT of coverage already. We were featured on National ABC Good Morning America. Daughter A and I can be seen in the last 2 seconds of the video as it pans the angels.

And there’s been great stories here, here, here and herehere, ABC (Utah affiliate) News and many more adding by the hour!

Me and Daughter A singing with the angel choir, front right @abcnews
Me and Daughter A are singing with the angel choir, front right @abcnews

It’s so great to see something POSITIVE getting media attention – and especially to be sharing the true meaning of Christmas, the love, hope and peace that the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ brings to our world.

I feel so uplifted after rubbing shoulders with such a huge group of creative, talented and totally awesome people who come from diverse backgrounds but all share the common core love of Christ. To be honest, some of these amazingly popular people were unknown to me before I met them on Monday. Of course I already knew my good friend Alex Boye, and I subscribe to Working With Lemons, ShayCarl, Peter Hollens, Devin Supertramp… But, for example, I didn’t know how insanely famous Stuart Edge is (we’re talking MILLIONS of YouTube followers, and he’s been on late night shows), and Richard Sharrah from the KID HISTORY videos …. Wow.

Alex Boye & Me
Alex Boye & Me

Getting to know more about all of these amazing people via their online presence after having met them already in person is just so incredibly impressive because each one of them were so totally cool and “real”. These people are legit. I have some new heroes in my life.


There’s been some fun and creative behind-the-scene videos released from all of the YouTubers at the event. ShayCarl’s offering is hilarious [and here I was worried that my 5 minute VLOG was too long, but his 18 minute VLOG has already been watched by half a million people – so, there you go!]

Right now my favorite “behind-the-scenes” is by April at Hair 101. I just LOVE all of her beautiful footage, inspiring interviews and her impeccable editing. I think she really has captured the spirit of the event.


And, hey! I’m even featured in that video for a moment – seen in the official photo tent with my other MoTab choir friends. #ShareTheGift everyone, and have a very Merry Christmas!

🙂 – MoSop

My friends and I repping The Mormon Tabernacle Choir - (with Daughter A)
Representing The Mormon Tabernacle Choir – (with Daughter A as an ‘honorary member’)

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