Being An Angel: My Live Nativity World Record Experience

Once in a while, we each get the opportunity to be part of something amazing, something nothing short of a miracle. Last night was one of mine. In fact, there were so many miracles crammed into December 1, 2014, I’m still floating on air trying to process them all.


I spent time with ‘earth angels’ yesterday. And, I suspect there were plenty of angels from the other side of the veil visiting as well.

About 3 weeks ago an invitation was extended to me as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to participate in an interfaith YouTube project and Guinness Book of World Record attempt. This event would bring together a long list of popular YouTube personalities, talented musicians, and people of diverse backgrounds, all ages and stages of life united in one purpose; to do something good. And more specifically, to share the glad tidings of Christmas.

Event’s hashtag = #ShareTheGift

All I really knew ahead of time is that I was committing myself to drive an hour down to Provo, stand outside – in potentially freezing weather conditions – for upwards of eight hours, and be “willing to take directions”.

As a member of a choir, I totally have the “willing to take directions” skill down. The rest was iffy. To be honest, due to all of my late nights the last few days, plus a head-cold threatening, I was seriously considering backing out. But, then I got a phone call the night before from one of the producers confirming that I had my “VIP tickets” and answering some of my questions.

Thank heaven I didn’t have the heart to let him down.

Miracle #1. The Weather

It cannot be underscored enough what a stunning miracle the weather was! Up until a day beforehand, it was predicting to be wet, cold and miserable. As some of you may recall, two short weeks ago we were experiencing below zero conditions during our Loco Cocoa 5K. Here we were on the first day of December enjoying blue skies, sunshine & a harvest moon in the sky – looking and feeling reminiscent of October.

Miracle #2. YouTube VIPs converge

What kind of Kismet could possibly bring this many busy, talented, amazing people all together to the same place and the same time… all with only 3 weeks notice?! Yeah, miracle.

Among the “YouTubers” were Shay Carl and Colette Butler of the Shaytards; Devin Graham, famous for his daredevil Devin Super Tramp productions; Stuart Edge, the brain behind a series of clean pranks; the creators of the Cute Girl Hairstyles instructional videos; and african-pop singer sensation Alex Boyé.

Music for the video will be provided by David Archuleta, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Piano Guys. The production was coordinated and funded by The Radiant Foundation.

Miracle #3. The wind was calmed

At one point during the film shoot a strong wind was threatening a large balloon where the camera was rigged. After nearly an hour of trouble, the crew asked everyone to pray that the wind would die down so that we could get the shot. We prayed. The wind obeyed.

Miracle #4. Daughter A. joined me

She not only came with, she totally hung in through all of those long hours walking around balancing on her cane, standing for long stretches of time, and she even managed to navigate the LED angel hoopskirt costume plus do the flashlight choreography! Too cool.

Watch our video where we talk about our adventure plus share our photos!


P.S. Check out all of my photos of this event on my Facebook


  1. HOLLY…this is amazing…I loved every word…and I love you. I KNOW a little of what you speak about as I worked in broadcasting for a number of years…..and yup….takes and retakes…I preferred live TV….when it was over, it was over, but I certainly didn’t come anywhere near being involved in such a magnificent production as this one. Thank you for hanging in there and not saying NO! Loves and hugs…

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