Experience Christmas At Temple Square!

Watch a musical timelapse, meet tour guides and go behind-the-scenes today at one of the most magical Christmas places on earth: Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, Utah! There’s a reason people come from all over the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season here! Visitors will see millions of colored lights covering bushes, trees and buildings, combined with hundreds of luminaries, and dozens of international nativity scenes on display, not to mention all of the continual musical concerts offered throughout the square each evening between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. This is THE PLACE for Christmas! I wish all of you could be here in person, but since so many of you live far away, today I’m doing the next best thing – transporting you via video to enjoy some of the beautiful scenes from Temple Square set to the music of our very own Bells at Temple Square playing We Three Kings.

And don’t miss the two bonus “Merry Christmas from Temple Square” videos I’ve included! 😉 – MoSop

Video created by the LDS Temples Facebook



 Temple Square Missionary Tour Guides Talk About The Lights & What They Mean

Behind-The-Scenes Temple Square Lighting Process

“We do this to share the most important message in the world: the birth of Christ. He is our Savior. He sacrificed for us.” – Eldon Cannon, Ground Services Manager



  1. Workers start putting up Christmas lights on August 1 and finish taking them down by March 31.
  2. There are dozens of lighted trees on Temple Square. Just one tree has 75,000 individual lights. How many lights would you guess there are all over Temple Square? LED lightbulbs are now being used to help save electricity.
  3. About a million people visit Temple Square at Christmastime.
  4. Children helped make the luminaries on the Church Office Building plaza. Christmas messages are written on some of them in different languages.
  5. Today the lights are turned on by computer. But years ago children helped plug in the lights on the night when the lights were turned on for the season. Once when one little girl plugged in her string of lights and all of Temple Square lit up at the same time, she thought she had lit all the lights herself!


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