Oiche Chiuin (Silent Night) – Gaelic Christmas

Just in time for Christmas! The Grammy Nominated and Billboard No. 1 American violinist Jenny Oaks Baker released a special video taken from the title track of her newest album Noel. Featuring special guest Alex Sharpe, a formal Celtic Woman, on Gaelic vocals. Both of these women happen to be Latter-day Saint (Mormon) musicians, and their children are included in the video. This is a very lovely arrangement credited to my friend Kurt Bestor, and the videography by the gifted Jed Wells is visually stunning.

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful Christmas week. May you be safe and well this holiday. May you be surrounded by good things and feel the heavenly peace of our Savior, Jesus Christ! – MoSop


  1. I am a 73-year-old retired Lutheran pastor and I have become interested in the efforts to promote and cherish the Christian fellowship that we share despite our differences in theology. LDS Elder Jeffrey Holland said that “so much of what we all hold dear in our faith, whatever it is, we hold in common, and it is so good, so broad, and so potentially powerful in addressing the ills of society or the ills of individual people that we ought in the fellowship of such brotherhood and sisterhood work together more than we do.”

    I must confess that part of my current interest in your Church comes from my love of Christian music. This includes the wonderful Mormon Tabernacle Choir. More especially, it includes one of my favorite singers, Alex Sharpe, formerly of Celtic Woman, about whom you wrote on December 23, 2014. Alex, a member of your church in Ireland, has recorded an extremely beautiful album of hymns titled “Be Still My Soul.” Her witness to our Lord has certainly inspired me, as has her willingness to make her musical career subordinate to her faith and her family.


      1. Thank you, Holly:

        Just wondering if Alex has ever made a guest appearance as a soloist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. If so, I hope it was recorded and available on CD. If not, it should be considered. I’m sure it would be a very beautiful collaboration.


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