See You On The Other Side

Meet Shaun Canon (real name Barrows). He “writes songs for Superheros”. In 2007, the Emmy-Nominated musician says he “discovered his ability to Sing, as well as transcend both Space and Time”. He’s been featured on soundtracks such as the Big Bang Theory, and collaborated with a lot of big names. Shaun is  a super talented musician from my hometown of Salt Lake City. He also happens to be a Mormon. 🙂 I love his style. I appreciate his original song “See You on the Other Side” because I think it has the perfect blend of longing and hopefulness as we think about the ones we’ve loved and lost to death, and yet hold on tight to the anticipation of seeing again. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides us that comfort. There’s more than meets the eye about this life, and because of God’s Plan of Salvation we really can and we really WILL see all the people we love who have passed on over to “the other side.”

I believe in this 1000000000000 percent!

(how many zeroes is a billion?!)

I’m really missing some people today. I figure that must mean they’re really missing me back. It’s nice to know that our love is eternal. They’re right there, waiting on the other side, with your friends & family too, and they’re rooting for all of us. – MoSop

Check out Shaun’s music on his website here.

Learn some more about what Life and Death is all about here.

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