Love Climbs Every Mountain

Prepare to be inspired. Life-long friends Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray shared an amazing journey last summer, and now they have a powerful message to share with the world about what they learned. I’m excited to share their new TED-x Talk which released last night! This is a message about love, courage, self-less service, friendship, and above all, faith. These men are true believers in the Power of Community, which enables us to climb all of the mountains we ever face in life.

Patrick Gray & Justin Skeesuk
Patrick Gray & Justin Skeesuck – Best Friends from Idaho

I eagerly followed Justin and Patrick’s dramatic pilgrimage via their blog last summer as they traversed across Spain’s 800 kilometer Camino de Santiago. Yes, it’s the very same trek that Mr. Mo and I are training for. The difference? Justin is permanently disabled from a degenerative nerve condition. He cannot do even the simplest tasks for himself, and is confined to a wheelchair. When Justin talked about how cool it would be to actually complete the ancient Way of Saint James, Patrick simply looked at his friend and said “I’ll push you.”

Justin & Patrick blog at "I'll Push You"
Justin & Patrick blog at “I’ll Push You

Thus began their epic journey of faith, courage and miracles which is now inspiring thousands of other people around the world. Everything is possible when we choose to push each other.

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video, you won’t regret it! – MoSop


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