Alex Boye’s UpTown Funk Granny Style – Well Deserved Popularity

Two days ago my good friend and former Mormon Tabernacle Choir member Alex Boyé released his newest YouTube video, a creative cover of Bruno Mars popular “Uptown Funk” with a rocking Senior Citizen twist. As of this writing it’s reached 1.4 million views and counting. It has been featured on,, USA today, Today Show (Kathy Lee & Hoda),, inside edition, E! Online, ET Online, buzzfeed, Huffington Post, iheartradio, Ryan Seacrest, Zooey Deschanel, cosmopolitan, Fox & Friends, Deseret News, and many more, ALL IN ONE DAY!! Whoo hoo!! This is so exciting and so well deserved!

He’s not really that old – it’s great makeup! But the other actors in the video ARE all talented Senior Citizens

“…and it’s not letting up! CNN called and want to do a story on my life. Other HUGE things that i can’t talk about yet. All thanks to our great God for all these blessings. Special, special thanks to all the boyétribers for sharing and supporting my music. I would not have got this far without your love, kindness and support!!” – Alex Boyé

The story of Alex Boyé’s life is nothing short of amazing and miraculous. Born in London into a dysfunctional family life, he was abandoned by his mother at age 11, became passed from foster-home to foster-home, and lived in desperate circumstances. He was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by a co-worker at McDonald’s, gained a testimony of the Lord and the restored gospel and was baptized a member of the church. He served a full-time mission, and to this day unabashedly and eagerly continues to share with the world that he is a Mormon.

Alex Boye in London with his "I'm A Mormon" billboard behind him. Photo @deseretnews
Alex Boye in London with his “I’m A Mormon” billboard behind him. Photo @deseretnews

“I am Mormon, because i have finally found something that i believe in that has given me a vision of how I should live my life successfully, happily and in the most purposeful and fulfilling way. God can take ordinary people and put them in extraordinary situations, and can bless us all in ways we cannot comprehend. In order for that to happen, from my own experience I tell people that we need to let go of our E-G-Os ( Edge God Out.) That seems to be the reason for almost every problem we face in day-to day living….. We cannot survive in this world without Gods influence in our lives.” – Alex Boyé

Alex is no stranger to skyrocketing fame. As a young returned LDS missionary, he became lead singer in a popular UK boy band called AWESOME (the subject of the great documentary FRONTMAN). The group was quickly catapulted into incredible fame. But, soon Alex was experiencing a serious test of his faith. His principles and standards were challenged due to the lifestyle direction his band was taking. He recognized that remaining with the band was threatening to pull him down the wrong path, so despite being called a fool and facing bankruptcy for leaving his contract, he walked away from stardom. God was not done testing him. Soon, Alex was penniless and homeless again. At one point he was living on the streets, sleeping in cars and eating food out of wastebaskets. He cried out to God for help, and God answered in an unusual way. Alex had a dream that he should move to Salt Lake City, Utah. Not knowing what would happen next, Alex moved to Utah basically with the clothes on his back, and for the next several years slowly and surely watched miracles evolve which would include joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, marrying and starting a family, becoming a United States Citizen, and seeing more doors open as he worked diligently to build a new music career. After years of hard work – everything has taken off in an exciting new direction with unlimited possibilities.

Alex Boye receives US Citizenship

Through it all, Alex remains humble, prayerful and willing to follow God’s will, no matter where it takes him.

I live my faith one day at a time, and i wear it on my sleeve. I am an open book and filter my whole life through the things i believe. If it is good, and uplifting, i will do it, if it is destructive and brings me down or people around me, then i wont’ do it. This comes from the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has made ALL the difference in my life!! – Alex Boyé

Alex Boye & Me during the filming of The World’s Largest Nativity, released December 2014

Alex Boye & Me during the filming of The World’s Largest Nativity, released December 2014

I feel truly blessed to call Alex my friend and to have spent time with him. He has influenced me personally for good, and I consider him one of the greatest and most humble of men. Alex has blessed my life in so many ways, and I know that everyone who has the chance to meet him, hear his story, or listen to his music feel the same way. IF you want to really brighten your day – check out his YouTube page, subscribe and watch some of his videos! – MoSop

P.S. THIS is definitely one of my favorite moments in the new Uptown Funk video – Check that woman out!!

Grandma does the splits!
Grandma does the splits – And SHE IS 92 YEARS OLD!

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