The Greatest Force In The World

Today’s Conference Countdown message comes from our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. Speaking in April 2008, and again in October 2014, President Monson stated that “The Greatest Force in the world today is the Power of God as it works through Man.” 

I always think it is significant whenever something is emphasized more than once by our prophets. Obviously, the Lord wants us to remember this truth. Knowing that the Power of God is on the earth today to guide and bless all of His children gives me great peace and comfort. It is also a reminder that “with great power comes great responsibility,” (Voltaire) and so it is tremendously important that we are living worthy to receive, use or share the Power of God.


On both occasions, President Monson used this adage in talks delivered specifically to the men of the church during the General Priesthood Session of Conference. However, all messages from God through a prophet are far reaching, and apply to everyone.

The Power of God has two parts:

  • Part One, Heavenly: The eternal, heavenly power which God uses to create and govern the heavens, earth and all living things. It is this power God created and governs the heavens and the earth. Through this power, God exalts His obedient children, bringing to pass “the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:9)
  • Part Two, Earthly: During mortality the Power of God is restored on earth to bless the world. This authority, to act in God’s name, is called the Priesthood.

I invite you to read President Monson’s words in context, watch the video clip below, and ponder how this inspired message applies to you personally.

April 2008 General Conference

“We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political machinations ruin the stability of nations, despots grasp for power, and segments of society seem forever downtrodden, deprived of opportunity, and left with a feeling of failure.

“. . .  Ours is the task to be fitting examples. We are strengthened by the truth that the greatest force in the world today is the power of God as it works through man. If we are on the Lord’s errand, brethren, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Never forget that truth. That divine help, of course, is predicated upon our worthiness. Each must ask: Are my hands clean? Is my heart pure? Am I a worthy servant of the Lord?” – Thomas S. Monson,  Examples of Righteousness, April 2008

October 2014 General Conference

“Always remember that people are looking to you for leadership and you are influencing the lives of individuals either for good or for bad, which influence will be felt for generations to come.”

“. . . We are strengthened by the truth that the greatest force in the world today is the power of God as it works through man. To sail safely the seas of mortality, we need the guidance of that Eternal Mariner—even the great Jehovah. We reach out, we reach up to obtain heavenly help.” – Thomas S. Monson, Guided Safely Home, October 2014


How have you felt the Power of God working through your life? – MoSop


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