Nepal Earthquake: Is Bishnu OK? How Can We Help?

I joined the world in shock and sadness this morning at the news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal . My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people suffering directly and indirectly, and those who are tirelessly trying to go to their aid. My first thoughts today were; “Is Bishnu and his family OK?” and “How can I help?” In the movie MEET THE MORMONS, one of the inspiring stories was about Bishnu Adhikari in Nepal who works tirelessly to help his poorest countrymen.


I was relieved to learn that Bishnu and his family are uninjured.

When the devastating 7.8 earthquake shook Saturday, [Bishnu’s family] was at the church, watching LDS General Conference. Luckily, the structure they were in withstood the impact of initial and subsequent after shocks. – LDSMag (updated 4/26/15)

According to his charity’s Facebook site they were currently living outside:

Hundreds of thousands in Kathmandu are still living outside in the fields since the aftershocks have continued making it dangerous to be inside of their homes. This includes Bishnu Adhikari and his family. They only enter their house on a limited basis to use the bathrooms and gather supplies.

I am saddened that Bishnu’s mountain home village was near the epicenter and is in dire straights.

Utah based CHOICE Humanitarian works with 180 villages in the Lamjung district of Nepal, the epicenter of today’s deadly earthquake. All members of the CHOICE team and their families have been accounted for and are physically safe, but emotional overwhelmed. Many stood in open fields for hours to be safe during the aftershocks.

Our team there is working to verify that all family and villages we are connected to are safe or otherwise assess their needs. The major bridge connecting Kathmandu to the western part of Nepal, including Pokhara and Lamjung is understood to have collapsed and, therefore, inaccessible by vehicle.

Photo of road damage in Nepal after the earthquake

Bishnu is working with the Nepal government to unite with them in developing a coordinated response and relief effort. Our stateside staff and team of experts are actively coordinating efforts locally to see that we have a comprehensive plan to help out in this area that we have worked in for so long and that means so much to CHOICE Humanitarian and those connected with us.

– Nepal Earthquake Update 4/25/15 – Choice Humanitarian

You can help Bishnu’s efforts to rescue and rebuild Nepal by donating directly to Choice Humanitarian Nepal Fund.

Other good donation options to help Nepal

American Red Cross – Nepal Relief

LDS Charities (Choose “Humanitarian Fund”)

MORMON NEWSROOM: Nepal Earthquake

“The humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is determining how it can best help to relieve the suffering.

One senior missionary couple from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is serving in the area and they are safe.” – 4/26/2015


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