Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Tour de Force 2015

For two weeks I traveled as part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2015 Atlantic Coast Tour… and, it was nothing short of AMAZING! Every waking moment of every day has been filled with unforgettable moments. I managed to post several things to my Instagram, as well as my Twitter and my Facebook accounts, so if you have been following any of those then you’ve had a fun sampling of events. However, for those of you not subscribed to my amazing social media sites (but you WILL now), or you simply missed the updates, then you’ve noticed that this site has been awfully quiet. Unfortunately, due to my exhausting schedule, limited internet access, and need for sleep (ha! is there sleeping on tour?!), all my blog details about the events had to wait.


The Tabernacle Choir actually has to charter 3 planes to get us all to our destination (350+ Choir members, 60 Orchestra members, staff, crew and guests = nearly 600 people). Those lucky enough to fly with our guest artist Alex Boyé started tour with some spontaneous in-flight singing that was captured on film (and this little video has sure gotten a lot of views in 2 weeks!)

I’m so proud of Alex and the exciting things that have been happening for him lately [he is currently one of the contestants in the America’s Got Talent competition which is garnering him a lot of well-deserved global attention]. I’m so thankful to count him as my good friend, and so glad the Choir was blessed to have him return this year as our guest artist for Tour 2015. I can’t imagine doing a Tab Tour without Alex. He brings the house to their feet every night during his selections and adds such a powerful spirit to each concert.


The 2015 Atlantic Coast Tour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was the most publicized tour in Choir history due to social media. As one of the Choir’s designated “Social Media Captains” (see here) I was kept very busy ‘sharing, tweeting and liking’ multiple official info as the tour progressed, as well as helping other choir members build their own social media sites and teaching them how to ‘share, tweet and like’. 🙂

Tour montage by @mormontabchoir /

For example, there were:

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We're off to New York! #MoTabTour

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Now here I am staring at the “Add New Post” screen and wondering how in the world I can possibly share it all with you – a lifetime of memories and experiences crammed into 14 whirlwind days.

I realize I simply cannot share it all with you, but I will still try to share some things. I have so many favorite memories from every single day on tour!!!

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Wow! #NYC #motabtour

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Some of the “BIG” moments that got a lot of media attention:

  1. Singing at Carnegie Hall! [watch KSL TV report ‘Tabernacle Choir Serenades the Big Apple‘]
  2. Singing in Yankee Stadium! [see videos of Cohan’s Medley and the National Anthem] (and yes, I even got some face time on the jumbo screen – and yes, we got to stay and watch the exciting game!)
  3. Spending 4th of July at West Point Military Academy and giving a Surprise Concert

Some more of the “BIG” moments for me, although not publicized, were personally getting to spend time with many dear family members and friends who reside in New York and Boston – two of our tour cities.

And then there were all of the “little” gems during tour; the strengthening of old friendships and making of new friendships, the miracles, the tender mercies, the singing [of course the singing and singing and singing!], the rain and the sunshine, visiting Mount Rushmore, experiencing Coney Island, the view of Manhattan from Top of the Rock, seeing the new musical Amazing Grace on Broadway, the audiences who attended our concerts, the people I met and spoke with one-on-one, the history, the patriotism, the food, the sights and sounds and smells (ok, not all of the smells were gems *ahem NYC*), the tears and the laughter, and the bucket-lists full of blessings …

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing in Yankee Stadium on July 3, 2015
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing in Yankee Stadium on July 3, 2015


Oh my. How do I share all of this with you?!

I’ll try to at least share lots of fun “snippets” and highlights and memories and photos in coming posts. (inserting shameless “please subscribe to me” plug here, because you know you don’t want to miss anything!)

I’m still trying to process that THIS REALLY HAPPENED.


Returning home has been a bit rough for me, to say the least! I’m having to deal with real-world problems like making decisions about my job (weighing offers and big changes), doing housework (WHAT?!… no one making my bed anymore and putting fresh towels in my bathroom every day?!), and taking care of my family’s daily emotional and physical needs. On top of everything, I’ve caught the dreaded ‘tour virus’ that started to creep in at the tail end of our whirlwind experience.


Please send me good vibes and prayers so that I can recover quickly since I’ve got MORE big concerts coming up in Salt Lake City (what, did you think there was ever rest for the Tabernacle Choir?! Ha!!) – our annual Pioneer Day Concert with this year’s guest artist Laura Osnes of Broadway fame – this Friday and Saturday!

Welcome to Choir Life, moving at the speed of light. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride! – MoSop

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