Alex Boyé On America’s Got Talent Tonight – Too Excited!

It’s T-minus 18 hours right now for the big launch of Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2015 Tour! I’m so excited I pretty much can’t concentrate anymore. On top of that, TONIGHT NBC will be broadcasting an episode of America’s Got Talent featuring my very own talented friend Alex Boyé – who apparently gave a VERY dramatic performance – or, as he revealed on his Facebook page:

“Killed it on stage on AMERICAS GOT TALENT!! I mean this literally…Me and my band Changing Lanes Experience performance was so Hot, it actually sent me to the hospital!”

WAIT…what? Hospital?! Watch the sensational heart-pounding promo here.


That’s all Alex is saying for now. We will have to tune in to see what really happened.

But, I can tell you that Alex is very alive and well as of last Thursday. He and I got to chat prior to his STUNNING performance at the final tour dress rehearsal to a packed audience.

Alex Boyé will join us again this year as featured soloist for the Tabernacle Choir Tour. Just one more reason you TOTALLY have to come to one of these concerts to experience his electrifying vocals. If you are anywhere near one of our venues between June 25 – July 6 in Maryland, New York, or Boston check out the list of all Performances HERE (with discount codes) and grab some tickets.

Meanwhile, I’m counting down the hours, making last-minute changes to my packing list, finalizing free time plans [still taking suggestions], checking weather reports … I hear it’s raining [potentially?] in Bethesda. Should I take the umbrella or save space?! First world problems.

One thing certain, I’m looking forward to watching Alex “kill it” tonight on AGT! – MoSop

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#MoTabTour 2015 begins in less than 24 hours!

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  1. Watched Alex Boye on AGT and was so excited for him and his band. I think they could win this thing. Not only are they all so talented, but Alex is a real entertainer. That’s what it takes.

    Have fun on your tour. Love, Lynne


  2. After AGT tonight, if you didn’t know who Alex Boye was before, you certainly know who he is now. Outstanding performance by Alex and his band on national TV. I’ve been a big fan for years and he just keeps getting better with every performance. I hope they win!


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