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Every year between July-August the Mormon Tabernacle Choir posts audition materials on its website. It’s that time of year again! If you have ever thought about becoming a member of the “MoTab”, now is your window of opportunity. This year – 2015 – you have until August 15th to download and submit your application and CD via mail.

That’s just Step One of a multi-step audition process.

Becoming a Choir member is not easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but it’s also not really that painful. Think of it as a fun adventure! After all, what’s the worse that can happen?  You don’t make the cut. But, you do have a great story to tell, you do get a lot of great feedback and suggestions for improvement – and then you try again next year.

(Note: A large percentage of members audition more than once before gaining membership)


Everyone’s path to membership in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is different. Some come early in life, and some later. Some members are professionally trained musicians, and others have no formal music training. Some are working in musical careers, but most are working in every other career under the sun – doctors, lawyers, plumbers, undertakers, administrative professionals, homemakers, electricians, and everything in-between. Audition age ranges from 25-55, so members come from every age and stage of life; ranging from young single adults to grandparents. 🙂

There are a few core similarities required of all applicants:

  1. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing, [temple-recommend worthy].
  2. Live within a 100 mile radius of Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.
  3. Willing to commit to the arduous time and attendance demands of Choir membership; travel time, weekly rehearsals, Sunday broadcasts, extra rehearsals, tours, special concerts, etc.
  4. Are in good health – able to meet the physical and emotional demands of #3.

Number 3 cannot be over emphasized enough.

My vocal audition for the Choir - October 2007, photo @NYTimes Photo Copyright Ángel Franco/The New York Times October 28, 2007
My vocal audition for the Choir – October 2007, photo @NYTimes Photo Copyright Ángel Franco/The New York Times October 28, 2007

Everyone has their own audition experience and their own stories to tell. I’ve told my story several times [here, here, here, here]. There are several great videos of Choir member and behind-the-scenes videos compiled on this playlist here.

Every member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir remembers when and how they felt the desire to audition – sometimes as a sudden event, or possibly as a feeling they had for years – however, it was the moment they decided to act on that desire that made all the difference.

What will your story be? – MoSop

Download Audition Information Here July 1 – Aug. 15

Alex Boyé Shares His Story


  1. If I were 30 years younger, lived in Utah and was LDS, and could read music, I’d try out. I sang in the choir for years from the time I was in high school, until my mid 50’s. But, due to an operation on a disk in my neck, where they went in the front to get to the back and went past my vocal chords, I can no longer sing without it hurting my throat. I love listening though, and sometimes I sing a little with the choir on CD.

    I enjoyed those videos. I had heard Alex’s story, and by the way, he’ll be on America’s Got Talent next week to try and get to the next level, which will be Radio City Music Hall.

    I remember seeing Eric Huntsman in a documentary that BYUTV did called Messiah. A lot of it was filmed in Israel. It was an excellent film. Mr. Huntsman, I assume still teaches at BYU, was very good in this film. I took 3 archaeology classes in college, so it was very interesting to me. Imagine how surprised I was when I spotted him in the choir. As you said, all walks of life, including college professor.

    I’m just so grateful to all of you who sacrifice your time and give of your talents to bless the world with this beautiful music. How much better off we all are as a result.

    God bless you Holly, and the choir,



    1. Loved your comment Lynne. Thank you! Yes, Eric Huntsman is still in the Choir and I will be sure to tell him how much you enjoyed his Messiah series. He is a very gifted religious studies professor at BYU. He was called to be the director of the BYU Jerusalem Center for a year (he took a leave from the Choir during that year), and that may have been when they filmed that series.


  2. We had a special fireside some months ago and we were able to learn about the process of auditioning for the MoTab, the performances they’ve done, and the Spirit that permeates through music.

    I was able to sing as part of the Chorus for the first production of Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God in the United Kingdom. There’s definitely another layer to it when you perform and help create that atmosphere.

    Utah is a bit too far from me, so I will admire from afar and sing in our local productions.


  3. would love to join you but currently in India studying. i watch all your videos on YouTube very touching and awesome, nice classical. i sing too before i left Nigeria for India to study but no such opportunity here. one day I’ll join you. god bless you all

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  4. I wish I could audition before moving to Utah! Since my very first General Conference as a new convert I’ve wanted to join the choir and that was over 25 years ago. Now my children are grown and last week I had the great joy of picking up my son from his mission at the Family History library. We watched the Thursday night rehearsal and loved every minute. One day…


    1. Hi Shawn! I encourage you to make it a matter of fasting and prayer.
      There are 3 current choir members I know personally who lived out of state when they auditioned but they had everything in place to relocate if they were selected (job waiting, a place to live, etc.). Many others relocated to Utah prior to auditioning, feeling “called” to come. I truly believe the Lord guides each person who is chosen to serve in this calling. If now is not the right time for your musical mission, it just may be in the near future!


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