Just Married: Or, How I’ve Been Living In Sin For 15 Years

As you know, I was recently promoted to a new position at work. Yesterday I logged into my employee account through Human Resources to double check all of my information had been updated and got a horrifying shock!

I’ve been “Single since 07/07/1999”

Here I always thought I’ve been married since 12/19/1989.


Proof of the Goof


Apparently, Mr. Mo and I have been living in sin for the past 15 years.

(Is my Temple Recommend invalid? Do I need to talk to my Bishop?!)

It was suggested that perhaps we had such a traumatic break-up we completely suppressed the memory.

Of course, I hurried and sent an email to my office manager Scott, with subject line: “Please Marry Me!”

(he says he choked a little when he saw that).

A few hours later Scott called an  informal staff meeting to announce to all co-workers that I am now “legally and lawfully married” in our database – with him “officiating”. (Everyone clapped.)

Just one glitch – Scott says my date of marriage could not be backdated in the computer system…

So, you know what this means – I am a NEWLYWED!!


Let the bells ring out! Anyone have a cake and bouquet handy?

Of course, You are all invited to send me gifts – cash preferred.


True to form, I spent my “honeymoon” last night with 350 friends and a few hundred strangers at Choir rehearsal.

[Sorry dear, please take a reign check for Europe, June 2016!]


When I returned from Choir practice last night I happened to be browsing Pinterest looking at some wedding planning ideas (for my engaged Daughter A, not me) and I happened upon a meme of me and Mr. Mo in our infamous viral wedding photo!

For the record, yes - this is MY wedding photo, dated Dec. 19, 1989
For the record, yes – this is MY wedding photo, dated Dec. 19, 1989  ♥ We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Ah… naive bliss! But, we sure were cute, and skinny.  [Note: I added the “photo copyright” text to this]

I’m glad I’m “officially married” again. Even if it was just a computer glitch or some random bored HR employee joking around, I honestly can’t imagine my life without this wonderful man. We make a “fierce” team!

True Life is so much better than fiction. – MoSop

Post Script: 

I have to say I REALLY like the quote by President Monson that was chosen for this variation of our viral photo. Good job, whoever you are. I approve this message.  ♥


  1. What a cute story. I can imagine your shock when you saw that “single” in your info. I don’t expect to ever be married again, but that’s what I said the last time. We never know what life has in store, we just have to take it by faith, that we’ve made the right decision. You and Mr. Mo sure did. Maybe some day, I’ll be blessed with the right man. He’d better hurry though, I’m not getting any younger here.

    Love, Lynne


  2. You should register for gifts… it’s like you just renewed your vows or something!!!

    (By the way, you’re like the “celebrity” blog that I follow. I mean, hello, you sing in the MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR!!!! Maybe in the LDS world everybody knows somebody who sings or has been with the choir in the past, but we don’t have a whole lot of that here in the non-LDS world!)


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