I’ll Take That Third Time Charm Now, Please

Hi there. I promise to be taking you back to Paris [and it will be beautiful]! As you can tell, my Tour Journal series has been “on pause” temporarily. Here is a quick “real time” update why. Since our return from Europe we’ve been back in the saddle again prepping our current home to sell, and watching over our new home construction.


In the ongoing saga of our domicile status, let’s recap:

Prior to European Tour 2016 we listed the house and were under contract in less than 24 hours with Buyer #1. Sadly, the “buyer” was just trying to tie it up in our frantic market so she could see it, and then cancelled within a day. Back on the market again, Buyers #2 stuck with us until the home inspection freaked them out over some needed repairs. We agreed to take care of all the repairs, but the buyers decided to find something else. Aaagh!


So, we originally decided to try to hurry and make those [what we thought were] small repairs and then re-list again. But, those [what we thought were] small repairs turned into a complete re-do of half our basement.

For the longer and more entertaining version, read here.

the money pit jump

By the time we had secured a loan to pay for all of this unexpected work, plus get contractors to complete the work, we were too close to European Tour 2016 to launch the selling process again.


Last Friday August 12th was the big day for our house to make its 3rd [and hopefully FINAL] Debut on the Market.

It officially listed at 1:00 PM. We received an immediate request for a showing, and by 3:00 PM we had received our first offer. BOOM! 


One week later.

Contract is signed. Home Inspection is completed. We are working on a few minor repairs, and the closing date is set for mid September. So far, so good…


Last time, I half-joked about making the “mistake” of praying the “wrong prayer”. When we planned to sell the house, I had prayed for the “right family” to find our house, and then I realized that maybe the “right family” wasn’t even looking yet! And, they could be anywhere in the world! That was not going to give us the smooth, quick sale I wanted.

Well, I think the Lord is honoring that original prayer. Although I haven’t met them yet, I know they must be really special people because this house has been holding out just for them. ❤ – MoSop

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