General Conference: With A Heart Full Of Song

It’s been too long since weve seen each other. My fault. And now here I find we are on the eve of GENERAL CONFERENCE and I’m anxious to remind and invite all of you to be sure to join me, and watch and listen to inspiring  messages and music of hope and peace.

So, I am frantically trying to tap this out with my index finger on the text pad of my ipad. I’m doing this because my laptop is inside a bag somewhere inside my storage closet, and my mini bluetooth keyboard isn’t charged… sigh. Technology is conspiring against me! So, this isnt going to be a fancy or inspiring blog post, but it is completely, 100 percent from the heart. I’m doing this because I don’t want you to miss the most wonderful life event this weekend!!

General-Conference FBCover

I know each of you have worries, stress, heartaches or other concerns weighing heavily on your mind. This weekend, God has a special message waiting just for you to hear during GENERAL CONFERENCE.

Beginning on Saturday October 1 at 10:00 am Mountain Time and continuing through Sunday October 2 in 5 Sessions. [Available in MANY languages check out the list!]

Viewing and streaming  options here 

GENERAL CONFERENCE is when my soul gets its spiritual and emotional battery recharged. And for me, it’s an opportunity for me to sing my testimony of Christ to the members  of the Latter-Day Saint membership throughout the world, and to all those of any faith who will tune in to watch and listen. To you, I raise my voice “in Grand Amens” and I praise The Lord for His bounteous blessings.

Conference is a time to remember all that is good and right with the world. And, I cant think of a time lately when we’ve needed that more!

Conference is a time to hear messages from the Lord’s special servants and witnesses on the earth, even His chosen living prophet. I dearly hope we will be hearing President Monson speak this weekend, even briefly. His body may be weary, but his testimony of Christ is as bright and strong as ever.

I know we all remain prayerful for him to be strengthened tomorrow and Sunday, and that all who speak will be blessed and sustained to be able to give us the messages that the Lord would want us to hear.

Will you come and join me this weekend? It’s going to be marvelous! The music is especially going to be incredible [you can even watch for me, I’ll be there singing my testimony]

2013_MoSop singing with choir

I can’t wait to hear what message the Lord has prepared just for my heart, and just for yours.

Love, MoSop


  1. Thought we had “lost” you. Thanks for the great update. Just witnessed my first grand rainbow in the WEST from my back yard in Brigham City. A sign? Thanks again.


  2. Glad to read your post. Unfortunately, I had places I had to be and missed the conference. I know that I can go back and watch videos of the speakers, and I hope the choir, and plan to do so this week.

    One thing I wanted to tell you, I won’t be going to the concert in Indy to see David Archuleta. I just don’t want to be that far from home for health reasons. My sweet son understood. They are going to tape the concert and I hope I’ll be able to buy a DVD of it. Maybe someday he’ll come to Louisville.

    Hope your home sells soon. Love you, Lynne


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