Evan McMullin: Giving Hope To America and Making Utah Matter

On the eve of an Election Day in one of the most bitterly fought, scandalous and altogether depressing Presidential campaigns in American history, I have a few thoughts that I feel a moral obligation to share. These are my thoughts, so they deserve a place on my blog. I know that most of you have decided who you are going to vote for by now, and there will be plenty who will not agree with my thoughts, and that’s okay. But, for all of eternity, let it be known that I shared my feelings about this election with my readers, and particularly how I feel about Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin.
Evan McMullin has accomplished more in just 3 months of campaigning than any other Independent or 3rd Party candidate ever has. It is remarkable what he has done. He came “out of nowhere” and announced his candidacy for President on Aug. 8, 2016.
I was in the room for that announcement. I didn’t know much about him yet, but in light of the dismal major party candidate choices, I felt it was important to at least go check him out. So, I read his brief bio, and I went to his “launch”.
I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m participating in something kind of historic here! Whether this guy wins or not, it’s really remarkable that he is actually trying!”
And what if he actually did win?
I was skeptical of his odds, but certainly impressed with him as a person. He had a good and honorable message that resonated with me, and everyone else present.

“We deserve so much better than what the two major parties have given us.”

Two candidates who do not represent their parties, let alone the American people who they expect to elect them. Two candidates that are embroiled in so much scandal and impropriety, so many legal battles, dirtiness and ugliness that it is absolutely unconscionable these two people are allowed to be free citizens of our society, let alone candidates for the highest office of our land!
Have you ever listened to the BBC, or any other international news outlets talking about our election? I have. It’s been pretty embarrassing to be an American this year.
But, Evan McMullin offered me the chance to be proud of my citizenship again.
  • I watched many more interviews, such as this one.
  • And this excellent 1 hour interview from Texas!!
The more I saw and heard and considered, the more grateful I was for this guy!
In just 12 weeks, Evan McMullin has gained thousands and even millions of supporters comprised from ALL 50 states. Because McMullin entered very late people said he wouldn’t have any chance to get on any ballot.
But, he did.
He was able to get his name printed on 11 state ballots, and he is also a LEGAL WRITE-IN candidate in an additional 34 states = 45 States. And people ARE voting for him, and writing him in, everywhere!

Evan McMullin- The Man, The Myth, The Mormon

So, you can read this great article: “Who is Evan McMullin?” or in summary, he is a 40 year old ex-CIA operative with over a decade of experience fighting terrorism throughout the most dangerous spots in the world, a Wharton Business graduate, and a Republican House policy advisor. Evan McMullin is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a “Mormon“), who is a BYU graduate, served an LDS mission to Brazil, and announced his bid for President from Salt Lake City, Utah.
But, contrary to the media hype and buzz-words that always mention he is a “Mormon”  – most of his supporters nationwide are NOT Mormons [and trust me, I know plenty of Mormons who are NOT voting for McMullin]. Because, this is not just a ‘Utah thing’ or some kind of “Mormon movement”, it is truly a national presidential campaign.
October 21, 2016 – attending an Evan McMullin rally in Utah
The Evan McMullin campaign has quickly gained respect, and has even become a force to be reckoned with. I knew he had actually “arrived” when I started to hear crazy lies being told about him and see the mud being thrown. But, when some of the mud was slung at his religion it backfired for the haters in a rather delightful way.


I’ve had the opportunity to followed this campaign from the beginning. I’ve read lots of articles about him, watched lots of his interviews, attended several of his town halls and rallys or watched them via live feed on his Facebook. It’s been interesting to watch his candidacy gain momentum – or “#McMentum” – and how the nation and the media has treated him. At first – if he was acknowledged at all – it was with bemusement and some mockery. Today, it is with varying combos of shock/fear/anger/amazement and also plenty of admiration and respect.
McMullin has been interviewed multiple times by all of the major networks, and he has been given some powerful endorsements. But the most important endorsement has remained “We The People”.
[Truth. Trump cannot be trusted. On anything]
And the world is watching, and noticing. Countless news stories have been done internationally. Every country. Too many to post or link here. Google them.

Against All Odds

The Evan McMullin candidacy has created a moral uprising. A resurgence of HOPE for our nation in the midst of so much darkness and hopelessness. A reason to even feel HAPPY about voting in 2016.
I’m desperately concerned about my country and the direction we are taking. But, I do sleep a little easier now that I have voted with a clear conscience for Evan McMullin.
Supporters recognize that David Evan McMullin is a humble man. He’s not a showman or an actor. He is wise for his years,  a man of integrity, strong moral character, with determination to serve our country. He has proven himself to be someone I feel proud to support. He has earned our votes, not expected them. He has a life-long history of hard work and service. His is not a flashy campaign. There are no big bucks or powerful backers here. It’s as green “Grass Roots” as they come. He did this on a wing and a prayer, and relied completely on donations from regular citizens. There’s been No PAC funds,  Zero Party money, No corporate sponsorship or special interests buying up his favors. Just regular citizens stepping up because they agreed with his message, and were thankful for someone they felt good about voting for and wanted to see him succeed.
Evan McMullin raised over 1 million dollars within just a few weeks from the citizens of the Untied States. But, a million dollars isn’t a lot of moolah when compared to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars handed to them by Party, Corporate, and Special Interests supplemented by Self – at their disposal to burn all day and night long, to spend on flashy trashy advertising, fancy hotels, lavish parties, and jet setting all around the country in their private jets, schmoozing with stars and hob-nobbing with the corrupt and powerful “One Percent” of the USA. (If you want to meet them or have a photo opp with one of them, be prepared to pay).

Evan Wins Utah Fans

Meanwhile, Evan McMullin and running mate Mindy Finn, are willing to stand for hours to greet, shake hands and have photo ops with anyone – free of charge. And we discovered personally that Evan McMullin is a candidate who can truly “reach across the aisle” and make friends with anyone – even his biggest “opponents”. As a Brigham Young University grad, Evan McMullin showed he was a great sport and he didn’t miss a beat when he “Flashed the U” with my stalwar University of Utah ‘botter rival’ UTE fan husband! 🙂 #GoUtes #WonHisVote

Evan Flashes the U, and wins Mr. Mo’s vote 🙂
Mindy Finn, MoSop, Evan McMullin, and Mr, Mo – Go America!
The message is simple and profound.
There is another choice, a better choice.
It’s time to stand up and fight for the principles that makes us America.

“It’s Never Too Late To Do The Right Thing”


We have a choice to vote for someone that actually believes in basic American principles, and the principles that our founding fathers build this nation on.
These are no-brainer beliefs. And yet we have two major party candidates who do not stand on these principles that every man and woman is created equal, and that every one deserves Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have 2 major candidates who do not honor our Constitution nor respect the laws of our land, or the rights of our people.

There is another choice, a better choice.


Evan McMullin is a candidate that considers the office of POTUS a sacred stewardship – not a Right, or a special interest podium, a Bully-pulpit, nor a Dictatorship.
He has never been rich.
He has never been a celebrity.
He has never cheated on or abused a woman.
He has never lied under oath of office.
He is also the only candidate in this race who we know has never gotten drunk or high.
Instead, he has been a model citizen who has spent his entire life working hard, and giving service to others. He served our nation honorably in the Central Intelligence Agency during a time of extreme crises before during and after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He voluntarily risked his life every day for years on end [over a decade] defending us against the worst possible threats – things we never even knew or heard about – all so we could live our lives happily blissfully unawares. He has learned first hand how to fight terrorism and he is the only candidate in this race who really knows how to defeat ISIS, and how to handle the worlds dictators and authoritarians.
He will not be bribed.
He will not be flattered.
He will not be duped.
And he will not be intimidated by those who slander him or threaten his life.
He is not afraid to get on his hands and knees in the dirt with people who are suffering, to feed the hungry, and hold the dying.
He has cared for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hurting humans all over the world.
He knows where Aleppo is, and what it feels like to live there.
He has served with people every day who look and act and believe completely differently than him.
And he doesn’t shrink away.
And he doesn’t judge them any less of a human being than himself.

This is what a true American leader looks and acts like.


McMullin has no lawsuits, no criminal activity, no scandals.

He has had no dishonorable and immoral behavior.

His words and his actions have always been considerate, patient, rational and kind.

Evan McMullin is simply a breath of fresh air.
How tragic that I’ve actually heard people tell me they are afraid to vote for Evan McMullin because he must be “too good to be true“! There must be some deep dark secret he is hiding somehow. This is what happens when the bar has been placed so low, for so long. Pretty soon, no one believes a truly good, honorable candidate can even exist, even when they are standing right in front of you.
Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn should be the ONLY acceptable kind of benchmarks this country elects.
If we vote for them, we are voting for more like them.
I consider it a blessing to be able to have such an honorable candidate to stand with in a year when the alternatives have been so horrific.
So, if you have not cast your vote yet (or even if you have) I invite you to get to know this man Evan McMullin. Visit his website, read his views on the issues, consider his 13 Principles.



The state of Utah is kind of a big deal right now in this election – something that never happens. Utah only has 6 Electoral Votes to contribute to the pool of 538 total. A winning candidate must gather at least 270. But, we actually have a chance this year to turn away from being a consistently “Red State” (Republican) and elect an Independent candidate instead of one of the 2 major party deplorables. Utah has turned into a “Battleground” State.
In other words, Utah has a chance to make history.
We have a chance to show the world that we will NOT accept corrupt, dishonest, unqualified candidates. Instead, we will vote FOR a candidate with PRINCIPLES. Someone who will work to build and improve, instead of destroy and corrupt our nation.
There is a chance – however small – to potentially block Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump from winning outright by denying them the requisite “270” Electoral votes necessary. If you don’t understand the process, this is a very good explanation.
Sure, this hasn’t happened for over 150-ish years or so, but it isn’t completely impossible. If the race is close – which depending on which poll you read right now – it is either “really” close, or “pretty close,” then, this unique strategy could work.
I personally feel that the most important reason to vote for Evan McMullin is to prove what WE are made of.
When the odds are completely against us, when the polls and the naysayers say we will fail and our friends and family deride us … Will we STILL stand up for truth? Will we still stand for our Principles?
Or, will we choke and fall in with the masses?
Wouldn’t it be amazing if the majority of UTAH actually stood up today –  November 8th, 2016 – for the values that we constantly say we have, and PROVE it to the world with our votes?
The choice is yours, Utah.

Prove it.

  • Prove that you will do the right thing because it is RIGHT, not because it is popular, or because there is an expected reward.
  • Prove that you care more about morals, principles, and the Constitution of this Nation than you do about Party Affiliations.
  • Prove that you won’t use your vote as a weapon in a battle between 2 sides where everyone loses.
  • Prove that your vote is not for sale to corrupt multi-billion-dollar candidates.
  • Prove that you understand the math that a vote for Evan McMullin is NOT giving votes to Hillary, or Trump. A vote for McMullin, is a vote for McMullin.
  • Prove that you are NOT going to cave into “FEAR VOTING”.

As one reporter put it, Utah can be the “designated driver of the Nation” and, as another observed “the only state in America that appears to still have a conscience.”

Believe in miracles.
Vote for Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn.
Choose to have 100% Clear Conscience, and No Regrets.
The whole world is watching, and praying for us tomorrow.
I have now said what I’ve needed to say for a long time.
God Bless America, this land that I love!
And now, the choice is yours.


  1. I wish I had heard about him earlier. I didn’t read this until after I had already held my nose and voted for Trump. I don’t like him, but I dislike Hillary more. At least I feel like he will have some constraints, since he is running as a Republican. My prayer was Dear God, give us what we need, not what we deserve. This country has gotten so far off the tracks, and by looking at the major party candidates, you can see it. They are what we deserve, but please, please may God have mercy on us.

    I was really hoping that Mitt Romney would run again. I voted for him last time and would have again. Maybe Evan McMullin will run again and get the attention and endorsement of the Republican Party. Heaven knows, the Democrats would never endorse him.

    Love, Lynne


    1. I’m sorry Lynne that I didn’t post here about Evan McMullin earlier. 😦 Lots on my Twitter and Facebook, but didn’t blog. This election has certainly been a very bitter pill to swallow for all of us. Let us pray that after tonight we can piece ourselves back together again as a nation. Families and friends can start talking to each other again! If anything, this election has made many more citizens pay attention to politics and what is going on in our government. A lot of people are turning out to vote. There is a feeling that each vote matters. So, that’s a good thing! I’m headed to Evan McMullin’s Election Night party tonight, so it’s going to be an interesting and exciting experience to be watching the results come rolling in with 1200 other people…. God Bless America!


  2. Thank you for posting your thoughts. My sentiments exactly.

    Everything he stands for that is true can still be fought for and stood for. A campaign for those principles continues no matter who has the office. We don’t stop cleaning our house because we don’t like the neighbors, the mayor, or the mailman.

    Acampaign goes on also to get voters in the next election to refuse to hold their noses but happily vote their conscience instead. McMullin voters were happy to do so. They were not the angry whose fury won the day.

    It’s going to take work & guts, then more work & more guts to find & promote good, decent options to conscientiously vote for! We need more people like Evan, people with ideas & character we want to be at home with.

    In one month since the Virginia group got started, we ended up getting almost 60,000 votes. Zero money, no party backing and only a score of volunteers (not organized, just random people doing their part stepping up when needed an email request was all it took). That’s unheard of, people felt the pull of the good.

    Politics has been perceived like merely taking out the garbage, it just stinks. People won’t do it unless they have to, every fourth year. But in order to pull this off, we need to see the good, the blue prints of principle & treat ea. opportunity or person like a new piece of the home we’re building. Please keep pulling for good.

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