Half Baked

Today is my birthday. It’s time for “Happy Half Century” to me.

The Big FIVE-OH.


Thanks to my baby brother for reminding me (via text) late last night that I am “only Half Baked” [his words]. 🙂 So, I guess I still have a whole lot more cooking left to do in the “earth oven” before I’m considered “done”.


I’m not going to lie, I am having a really hard time with this year’s”number”.


I don’t expect any of you to sympathize. In fact, after posting this someone is bound to  find a way to inadvertently make me feel worse.


Yes, I know I am supposed to be happy I have lived “this long.”

Quite frankly, I should have died many years ago.

Several times over.


For my younger friends, I am not supposed to complain today – as a symbol of “aging gracefully.”


For my older friends, I am not supposed to complain today – because, let’s face it, I am still younger than THEM.


Either way, no one really gives a rat’s tail how old I am…


…except me.

So, I will have to work through my depression and grief on my own.

And yes, despite my attempt at humor, I really am experiencing sincere sadness.

I am grieving for all that I have lost. Time. Years. Youth. The dreams and hopes I assumed by this age I would have fulfilled…


Don’t worry. I promise I’m going to wake up tomorrow, drag my middle aged carcass out of bed, plaster a giant [slightly crooked] smile on my face along with some extra makeup to hide the “smile lines” and start making this Milestone Year a memorable one.

I have a feeling this year is going to be one for the record books.

I’m thinking up a list of goals, dreams and projects I’d like to conquer this year.

Do you have any suggestions?


I have been blessed with fifty years of life on this beautiful blue island Earth. Over fifty years I’ve survived my way through a big pile of crappy things. But, I’ve also made a big pile of wonderful memories. And, God willing, I’m just getting started! I have so very much to be thankful for. Way too much goodness for me to spend time moping around over numbers, right?!

But still…


Just sayin’. – MoSop


  1. Congrats on those fifty! Have a terrific day and indulge yourself in all the treats you wish! And above all, think that there are many of us who are running close behind you! Have tons of fun (and sweets) when possible.

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  2. Happy Birthday Holly!!! I don’t know if you know this, but you share a birthday with David Archuleta. I won’t say how old he is, don’t want to depress you further.

    Also, my oldest son turned 50 in June. You think you feel old, I’ve got a child who’s 50. Of course, in Sept. I turned 75, so it’s all relative.

    When I was 50, I had just gone through a painful divorce from my first husband of almost 24 years, had gotten remarried too quickly, and divorced again. So, you’re in a much better place than I was, yet I didn’t mind being 50. Like you, I didn’t look 50. If I met you out somewhere and didn’t know anything about you, I would guess you to be maybe late 30’s early 40’s. This is not flattery, it is true.

    I’ve found that, the older I’ve gotten, the more I can be myself and not worry about what others think or expect of me. With advancing age, comes freedom. The only one you need to think about pleasing is God. And, I’m positive he is very happy with you. So, hold your head up high and keep on singing, and blogging. You have no idea how much I, and many others, look forward to your blogs.

    Love to you on your special day, Lynne

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  3. You’ve provided so many good thoughts to “outsiders” who love to hear “insiders” talk about our CHOIR! Thanks and a Happy Birthday from an 80+ y.o. admirer.


  4. How true Lynne. Now I have a 50-year-old child! What a shock for me. I happened to mention to a group of friends that my daughter was turning 50. I shall never forget the look on their faces. Believe me those looks were not for you Holly but for me! AWKWARD> So just wait until you have a 50 year old daughter.
    ANyway you are one of the very best things that has ever happened in my life. My beautiful, first born baby girl. Your father and I love you dearly. May you continue to bless all the many lives who know you.

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  5. I feel your pain only I am about six years ahead of you. I enjoy your blog so much.think about how many lives you touched just with your blog and your singing those are things I’ve never done. you’ve accomplished so much thank you.

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