Thankful Song

My dear friend and brilliant composer Shawna Edwards has written a new song perfect for the Thanksgiving season – but equally perfect for every day of the year. I love the darling music video of the children showing the things they are thankful for.

Enjoy! – MoSop

Be sure to visit Shawna Edwards website for more beautiful music.


  1. I was on vacation when the Primary children learned this song called Thankful. When we started rehearsing for the Primary Presentation last month, the Primary began to sing this song. I was so spiritually affected by the words that I couldn’t get the words out of my mind. Yesterday we presented our Primary Presentation and sang Thankful. The spirit was so strong and the kids sang so well. We have a wonderful Primary presidency, and equally fantastic music leader and pianist. Music is so important to my soul, although I have NO talent in it, except to be the receiver of such beautiful sounds. Receivers are almost as important as performers. I was very emotional throughout the program and could hear the angels and my daughter from the other side singing with such contented hearts. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. This is my new favorite song. Write more!!

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