Jeannine Goeckeritz Shares Her Dream

Day 2 of Giving Thanks: I have so many amazing talented friends! Today I am giving thanks for Jeannine who shares her beautiful music to add peace and joy to the world.

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Jeannine Goeckeritz is passionate about everything she does, and it shows. She makes a powerful, unforgettable impression – whether it’s her work ethic, her epic talent as one of the leading flute players of our time, or her hair.

Yes, even her hair exudes passion.

If you’ve ever watched the Orchestra at Temple Square perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir then you’ve seen and heard principal flutist, Jeannine Goeckeritz – the one with the “spiky hair” (again with the hair, I know). 🙂


Jeannine says:

“As I have played my flute with the Orchestra and the Choir, they have brought me joy, soothed my soul when I was yearning for peace, lifted me up when I was in despair, and brought me to a much closer understanding of how much God loves me and knows my heart.”

Jeannine just released her new solo album! All of the songs have the theme of Dreams. The title song “Come Dream With Me” is an original composition from the award winning composer Steven Nelson (who is also the composer/arranger for the group Gentri).

In addition to Nelson, there’s a stunning star-studded cast of music arrangers for this album, including Emmy Award winning Sam Cardon, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Associate Director Ryan Murphy, and animation and game composer Chance Thomas.

You can watch a fun interview with all of her collaborators in the same room (quite a feat!) here.

“Artistic excellence, beauty and passion-these are the words that I would use to describe Jeannine Goeckeritz’s beautifully recorded and performed newly released album. A treasure for any listening library.”

–  Craig Jessop

Ryan Murphy introduces My Favorite Things

Chance Thomas introduces Starry Starry Night

This album is a musical feast! I’m thrilled to have Jeannine’s music in my life.

Good music always makes life better.

Music has unlimited power to bring joy, lift our spirit and heal our mind, body and soul. Today, and every day, I am grateful for musicians like Jeannine who share their gifts to remind us of God’s love, and the goodness and beauty in life.

Thank you Jeannine! – MoSop

Watch Jeannie’s Full Performance of “Within”

Jeannine’s solo career is growing! Be sure to visit and follow her Facebook and YouTube channels.

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  1. Jeannine is SUCH a gift! Thank you for your wonderful post about her new album. Imagine the MOST HEAVENLY flute music on the planet and then listen…it’s even better than you imagined. Her tone is gorgeous and her technique is flawless. Honestly, the arrangements are spectacular and very entertaining! I’m so glad the world gets to hear her every nearly weekly on Music and the Spoken Word. Now you can listen anywhere, anytime. Awesome!!!

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