Heavenly Renovations

Day 8: Giving Thanks for Holy Temples

Last night Mr. Mo and I had the opportunity to attend our local Latter-day Saint temple in Bountiful, Utah. This temple has been undergoing some massive renovations and repairs, most notably, its spire is being reconstructed.

Back Story

Last year lightning struck the angel Moroni statue on the top of the temple. I blogged about it here. Lightning actually strikes the top of our temples fairly often, because they are usually the tallest structures in an area. Preparing for this, each golden angel statue has a small lightning rod embedded in the top of its head (if you look very closely you can see it).


Read more fascinating Angel Moroni Trivia here.

Often, statues are unharmed during these events, but the Bountiful temple angel was severely damaged, and needed to be completely replaced. A new angel was delivered and installed. (you might be surprised how LARGE the statue really is – for perspective click here, or here).

2016 lighting damage at Bountiful Temple Photo courtesy @DesNews

Blessing In Disguise

The lightning strike was a happy accident (or perhaps divine intervention). It led workmen to discover hidden damage inside the spire itself. Water had been leaking and condensing. It was decided that the entire spire would have to be removed, air ducts and internal systems repaired, and a brand new spire built!

This construction project has been underway for many months. Earlier this year, the temple looked sadly forlorn with no spire at all, and only minimal scaffolding from the deconstruction.

August 2, 2017 – Bountiful Utah LDS Temple, under construction (no spire)

But, as of last night, you can see there is now a brilliant white spire beneath the scaffolding. The new Angel Moroni statue has been returned to the top, and the work is nearing completion.

November 7, 2016 – Bountiful Utah LDS Temple, under construction

As I gazed last night at the scaffolding surrounding the temple spire it occurred to me how deeply symbolic it was. Life has a way of tearing us down. We become damaged, weakened, broken, and in desperate need of repair. Attending the temple enfolds us in a protective covering – like scaffolding – replacing darkness for light, repairing our broken parts, providing heavenly renovation to our damage, comforting our loss, reassuring our resurrection, and perfecting our soul. 

No matter how broken or weary I feel when I enter a temple, I always leave feeling revived, refreshed, lifted back up on my spiritual feet and ready to face the world again.

I think that the Bountiful temple has the most majestic and glorious Celestial Rooms of all of the temples. But, I’m partial of course. The room is located at the very top of the building, directly beneath the spire. It has majestically high ceilings, and multiple colored glass windows that accentuate the light. There are tall infinity mirrors framing either side of the room providing an endless symbolic reflection backward and forward in time. The crowning jewel is a giant crystal chandelier sparkling with every every color of refracted light, especially when the sun shines through the windows. I always feel like I have been transported directly to heaven when I enter this room – which is its purpose. It represents the highest realm of heaven, and is the very quietest and most reverent of all the rooms.

This is where we can spend as much time as we like in contemplation and prayer.

Bountiful Utah LDS Temple – Celestial Room

As we enter through the doors of the temple, we turn off our phones and all electronic devices, leaving them in lockers. We change out of our street clothing and into clothing that is all white, symbolic of leaving the world behind. We have now entered a sacred sanctuary, where everything around us is pure, beautiful, and in perfect order.

This is the Lord’s holy house. This is heaven on earth.

2012.04.01 Monson
President Monson

As we attend the temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a feeling of peace which will transcend any other feeling which could come into the human heart. We will grasp the true meaning of the words of the Savior when He said:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. … Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Such peace can permeate any heart—hearts that are troubled, hearts that are burdened down with grief, hearts that feel confusion, hearts that plead for help.

I am so thankful for Temples on the earth to bless my life, my family, and the world. I truly believe that temples bless the whole earth with peace. My fondest wish is for everyone to experience temple worship.  – MoSop

Here is a beautiful 5 minute video about Mormon Temples that I hope you can take time to watch. It explains a lot about our temples, and you can see inside many of them.


To learn more about Mormon Temples & find one in your area visit this linked page.

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