2018 Tour Update

Day 16: Giving Thanks for Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tours ♥

It’s official! I am “on the list” to travel as a performer in the 2018 Mormon Tabernacle Choir ‘Classic Coast’ Tour, which includes destinations in California, Washington, and Western Canada.

There are 5 concert venues officially announced in Southern CA, Northern CA, Canada, and WA. Two more California locations will be announced soon. So, keep an eye on the tour web page for updates (and of course I’ll keep you apprised). 😉


Lucky Six

This will be my sixth Tabernacle Choir tour. Hard to believe.

Here are all my tours, with highlight videos you’ll love watching!

1. 2009 Central States Tour – the “Heartland Tour” 

Cincinnati, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; Kansas City, Missouri; Norman, Oklahoma; and Denver, Colorado

This was an absolutely grueling, exhausting tour driving across country via bus. It included the “infamous  11 hour drive” from Norman OK to Denver CO. But, since this was my very first Choir Tour, it holds very special memories in my heart! And we accomplished so much on this tour! We were blessed for our first concert to sing under the baton of Erich Kunzel with the Cincinatti Pops Orchestra where we experienced our first of many “tour weather miracles” (the venue was outdoor, and the pouring rain stopped for the concert, and remained dry during the concert, but immediately started raining again when the concert ended).

2009 June MOTAB TOUR 043
Taken just before going on stage for our first tour concert in Cincinnati, Ohio – June 2009

Maestro Kunzel was undergoing chemotherapy at the time of this concert. He would pass away just a few short weeks later. Such a dear man!

Maestro Erich Kunzel conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 2009

We had several epic photo shoots on this tour, including standing in the steamy heat under the St. Louis arches, and filming our Amazing Grace video on the banks of the Missouri River (with chiggers in the grass biting our legs). Ah, good times!

2009 June MOTAB TOUR 112
The Choir waited for several hours due to a film helicopter breaking down. Eventually, the photo shoot went on –  without the fly over

Our final concert of the tour was at the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheater and it was filmed as a PBS Special.

2009 June MOTAB TOUR 814
We LOVED our tour bus drivers – and they loved US!

Our beloved prophet President Monson traveled from SLC to be there and sat on the front row grinning and clapping and lifting us up and giving us the strength we needed to perform well despite our fatigue.

2. 2011 Eastern States Tour (plus Toronto, Canada)

Norfolk, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chautauqua, New York; and Toronto, Canada

This fun tour began in Norfolk where my mother lived as a little girl and my Grandfather was stationed in the Navy, so that was special to me personally. The Choir performed its first “Flash Mob” ever.

First time to visit the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith had his vision of God the Father and the Son – the beginning of Restoration of the gospel, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other firsts, visiting Niagara Falls, and then crossing into Canadian soil and performing in Toronto – President Monson would also attend.

3. 2013 Upper Midwest Tour

Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; and Minneapolis, Minnesota

This tour was extra special for me because it included being able to return to Wisconsin where I had served my LDS Mission 25 years earlier, and this time I returned as a musical missionary performing with the Choir!

You can read blog posts about this tour starting here.

4. 2015 Atlantic Coast Tour “The Dream Tour”

Bethesda, Maryland; Bethel Woods, Saratoga Springs, West Point, and New York, New York; and Boston, Massachusetts

This tour was truly a dream tour. There were so many wonderful experiences. It included being able to perform 2 nights in New York City’s famous Carnegie Hall, and a surprise 4th of July concert at West Point!

Read blog posts about this tour starting here.

5. 2016 EUROPEAN TOUR – Making History!

Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Frankfurt, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; and Rotterdam, Netherlands – 

It was a tour of “firsts” for me. My first Choir Tour that Mr. Mo accompanied me as a guest. We had so many incredible experiences together. My first time to visit all of the cities we visited. My first time to see all of the countries on our tour (except Germany – I had been once before to sing in the Dusseldorf area).

Mr. Mo’s first time to return to his LDS Mission in Brussels (after 30 years). And our first time to be in Paris. The best part of the tour was being with the people and performing for them.

I blogged each day of this tour, they are cataloged here.

6. 2018 Classic Coast Tour 

What magical moments will this tour hold? I’m so excited to find out! I know it will be very special. The people of the Western States have experienced horrible fires and devastation this year. I hope our concerts can bring some hope and healing for them. This will also be my first time to cross into Western Canada!

California, Vancouver and Seattle, here we come!

Will you be there?

How many of you live in or near these cities the Choir is headed next summer? How many could start planning now to attend one of our concerts? I would love love love to know you are in the audience and that I could potentially have the chance to meet you before or after a concert! ♥

Some of the venues have already begun selling. It is anticipated that most concerts will sell out except the ones with lawn seating. Ticket links can be found here.

I am Giving Thanks today for the opportunity to perform across the nation and the world with the Choir over the past 10 years of my membership, and for as many more as I can have. This is an incredible privilege and blessing which will not last forever. Choir members must retire after 20 years of service, or when they turn 60, whichever comes first. When I retire, someone else will take my place and carry the torch and legacy of the choir! Over 100 years and going strong, the musical mission of the Choir remains the same year after year, to bring joy, comfort and peace to the world through music.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir_Come Thou Fount

There is nothing like signing with this Choir, and nothing like sharing this music with a LIVE audience – especially when there are many people who are hearing the Choir for the very first time in person. I am looking forward to touring again in June 2018.

Don’t forget to let me know if you will be at one of the concerts! – MoSop


    1. Hello and Good Morning Philip! The Choir only announces a tour every other year. It’s always kept a secret by the leadership (even the Choir doesn’t know)! So, I can’t tell you when they will come to Colorado next. However, the choir came to Denver in 2009 so it might be a while.


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