Service With A Smile

It’s officially the Christmas season! Happy Christmas! In the USA, today is called “Black Friday” because traditionally everyone starts their holiday shopping and puts the stores “in the black” with record sales.

But today, I didn’t do any shopping at all. Instead, Mr. Mo and I, plus Daughter Bee went back to Grandpa Bob’s house to help do some deep cleaning of his house. Daughter Bee decorated his Christmas Tree. We spent several hours in service to someone else today and it felt good. It was special to be able to work alongside other family members serving someone we love, and it was a very sweet reward seeing him smiling, and very pleased that his home “looks and smells great!”

This year, I will be striving to follow the example of Jesus Christ and participating in the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative, which will be giving us 25 ways to serve during 25 days.

I’ll be posting more about it soon. Check out this beautiful video and visit for simple ideas that you can share the light of Jesus through service during the month of December.

♥ – MoSop

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